The Arbiter - Path of Exile

The Arbiter Brimstone Pandemonium Sentinel

The Arbiter The Arbiter is a unique Brimstone Pandemonium Sentinel. Requires Level 54.

Duration: 10 seconds. Empowers: 50 enemies. Empowerment: 22. Charge: 8.

  • Empowers many enemies in one shot
  • (150–300)% increased Empowerment
  • +(8–12) to Charge
  • (40–60)% reduced number of Empowered Enemies
  • (300–400)% increased chance to add Rewards
  • local sentinel drone difficulty + [0]
  • (Empowerment increases the damage and damage reduction of an enemy as well as increasing experience and item yield when killed)
  • Unmodifiable

Flavour text: On judgement day, only those who are worthy will survive.

The Arbiter PoE

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