The Black Reaping

The Black Reaping Guide

The Black Reaping is a Path of Exile skill. It creates a swirling dark fog around Vorana’s spawn point that inflicts stacking debuffs that do damage over time.

Vorana, Last to Fall, the expedition boss, uses this skill.

Icon Description
The Black Reaping PoE You are taking Physical Damage over Time from Vorana’s most renowned ability.
base physical damage taken per minute.

Defeat Vorana, Last to Fall while affected by The Black Reaping

While fighting Vorana, the sides of the arena will be covered with a dark area which causes you to take damage while you are in it. The damage debuff you take is called The Black Reaping. To complete this, just step into the darkness a little as you kill Vorana and you will get it. Also try to don’t step too outside of the dark cloud because the proximity from the outer zone deals more damage compared to the inner zone.

Leader(player who doing the carry service) can try portal inside the dark cloud(black reaping) then ask member to come in and don’t move, the member still get the challenge done when the leader kill the boss even though the member still in the grace period of invulnerability)

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