Emperor's Vigilance Steel Kite Shield - Path of Exile

Emperor's Vigilance Steel Kite Shield

Emperor's Vigilance

Emperor's Vigilance is a unique Steel Kite Shield. Shields. Chance to Block: 26. Armour: 146–167. Energy Shield: 30–35. Movement Speed: -3%.

Requires Level 46, 60 Str, 60 Int.

  • (16–22)% Chance to Block Spell Damage
  • 1000% increased Armour and Energy Shield
  • Damage taken from Blocked Hits cannot bypass Energy Shield
    Damage taken from Unblocked hits always bypasses Energy Shield
  • Glancing Blows
  • (Chance to Block Attack Damage is doubled
    Chance to Block Spell Damage is doubled
    You take 65% of Damage from Blocked Hits)

Flavour Text: Chitus' success stemmed from his cunning, taking calculated risks so that greater dangers could be averted.

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The Glancing Blows modifier has the same effect as the keystone, Glancing Blows. Taking the keystone in addition to equipping this item will impart no additional benefit.

Its extremely high Armour and Energy Shield values for its level make it a strong Unique for Shield Skills like Shield Crush, Shield Charge, or Spectral Shield Throw, on par with crafted high-end rare shields.

Item acquisition

Emperor's Vigilance can drop anywhere. It can be chanced. Emperor's Vigilance belongs to a special group of unique items called league-specific items, which can be obtained from certain divination cards and other sources in addition to their normal acquisition methods.


Emperor's Vigilance can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
5 The Mercenary Random corrupted shield
3 Sambodhi's Wisdom Random armour with 30% quality
9 Fateful Meeting Random two-implicit corrupted level 97 league-specific item
10 Time-Lost Relic Random league-specific item
1 Time-Lost Incubator Random league-specific item
7 Prejudice Random influenced item
6 Costly Curio Random double-influenced item
8 Arrogance of the Vaal Random two-implicit corrupted item
4 Jack in the Box Random item
1 Singular Incubator Random item
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange