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Uber Breach

Breach’s endgame involves running Breachstones, which can be placed in the map device to open portals to a Breachlord’s domain. For each Breachlord, there are currently four tiers of Breachstones, and you can upgrade between them using Blessings.

Path of Exile: Scourge introduces a new tier: Flawless Breachstones. These Flawless Breachstones require a substantially more powerful character to complete, but have rewards appropriate for their difficulty.

  • Added new Flawless Breachstones which are more challenging, and thus more rewarding, than other kinds of Breachstones.
  • Rare Monsters in Breach Domains now drop an additional Reward Type, with Rare Monsters in Flawless Breach Domains dropping two additional Reward Types.
  • Breach Domain Areas now have additional random Modifiers, with Areas opened from Flawless Breachstone having four additional random Modifiers.
  • Breach Domain Areas no longer have the Modifier which grants increased Quantity of Items found in the Area.
  • Loot accumulated from killing Monsters in Breach Domains now drops upon reaching the Boss Arena Portal, instead of dropping throughout the encounter.

List of Flawless Breachstone

These can’t be obtained via Blessings, but are instead found in the Maven encounters where you fight the Breachlords in their most challenging forms.

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Breachstones Mods

Existing Breachstones now have two random modifiers (from a pool that doesn’t include build-disabling ones such as not being able to leech).

The new Flawless Breachstones have four of these modifiers, which represents a significant jump in difficulty. They can

Uber Breach Drops

  • Drop special versions of the Grasping Mail Body Armour which has a specific Fractured Modifier themed around the Breachlord of that domain.
  • The Uul-Netol’s Vow Uul-Netol’s Vow Unique Amulet can only be obtained through Flawless Breachstones.
  • All Breachstones are far more rewarding than before.

Flash Breach

Flash Breach is an Atlas Passive Skill. It now also grants “Breaches in Areas have 30% increased Monster density”.

Zana League Mods

  • Breach (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Area contains an additional Breach.

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