PoE Necropolis Frogs 3.24

In Path of Exile: Necropolis, if a map is too difficult you can replace packs with Frogs. The Lantern of Arimor cannot peer into Valdo’s Maps, so don’t get any funny ideas.

PoE Necropolis Frogs 3.24

Pack size: 41-54 monsters. Pack density: normal. Pack chance to contain pack leader: 50%.
Pack Monsters are harmless frogs
Harmless beasts that hop around
Pack leader: Strance Frog

This sounds like a fun and informative easter egg from Path of Exile: Necropolis! Here’s a breakdown of what it tells us:

Necropolis Frog Replacement:

  • If a Necropolis map feels too challenging, players can apparently replace enemy packs with "Frogs." This offers a lighter alternative to experience the map layout and objectives without facing the usual dangers.
  • Humor: The inclusion of a harmless monster type specifically for this purpose adds a humorous touch to the game.

Lantern of Arimor Limitation:

  • The text mentions the "Lantern of Arimor" and states it can’t see into "Valdo’s Maps." This suggests the Lantern might be an in-game item with the ability to reveal hidden mechanics or map properties, but it doesn’t work in specific circumstances (possibly Valdo’s Maps are a special type of map with unique mechanics).

Frog Description:

  • The description details the properties of the "Frog" pack:
    • Pack Size: 41-54 monsters – A relatively large group of frogs.
    • Pack Density: Normal – The frogs are spread out within the pack area, not clustered together.
    • Pack Leader Chance: 50% – There’s a good chance each Frog pack will have a leader, the "Strance Frog."
    • Pack Behavior: Harmless beasts that hop around – These frogs won’t attack the player and will just hop about the map.

Strance Frog (Leader):

  • Unfortunately, there’s no further information about the "Strance Frog" leader. It could be a slightly tougher version of a regular frog or have a unique visual appearance to distinguish it from the others.

Overall, this seems like a neat way for Path of Exile to offer players a way to experience challenging maps without the usual risk. It also adds a bit of humor and world-building to the Necropolis expansion.

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