For the Wife – Flyff Universe

For the Wife Quest

Description Mayer wants Kalin.
Begin NPC Lancomi
End NPC Lancomi
Location Saint City
Level: 39~120
Collect 25x Kalin
Penya: 39,000
EXP: 25% for Lv. 39
Chain Quest No
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin Mayer needs Kalin to make a present for his wife. Will you help?
Accept You can collect $QUEST_END_ITEM_NAME$ from all types of $QUEST_END_ITEM_MON$.
Decline You do not want to collect them? Okay.
Complete Well done. You have successfully completed the quest.
Fail You do not have enough $QUEST_END_ITEM_NAME$.

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