PoE Jewel Corruptions, Jewel Corruption Mods, Chance, Outcomes

Vaal Orb Vaal Orb corrupting a jewel always has risks: it can greatly improve the jewel but it can also change it for the worse. The corrupted property can have the following outcomes on a jewel:

  • Turn into a rare jewel
  • Turn into a Vaal-exclusive unique jewel with the same base item.
  • Add an implicit modifier to the jewel
  • No effect (other than adding the corrupted property)

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Jewel Corruptions

List of corrupted modifiers that can spawn on Jewels.

Stats Spawn Weighting Name
Enemies have -2% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against your Hits jewel 1000
default 0
Damage Penetrates 1% Cold Resistance jewel 1000
default 0
Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you jewel 1000
default 0
Damage Penetrates 1% Elemental Resistances jewel 1000
default 0
Damage Penetrates 1% Fire Resistance jewel 1000
default 0
You cannot be Hindered jewel 1000
default 0
(5-7)% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments jewel 1000
default 0
(4-5)% increased Area of Effect jewel 1000
default 0
(8-10)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance jewel 1000
default 0
(4-5)% increased Damage jewel 1000
default 0
Damage Penetrates 1% Lightning Resistance jewel 1000
default 0
You cannot be Maimed jewel 1000
default 0
Minions deal (4-5)% increased Damage jewel 1000
default 0
1% reduced Mana Reserved jewel 1000
default 0
You cannot be Cursed with Silence jewel 1000
default 0

Abyss Jewel Corruption Mods

List of corrupted modifiers that can spawn on abyss jewels.

Stats Spawn Weighting Name
Enemies have -2% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against your Hits default 1000 V2ArmourPenetrationAbyssalJewelCorrupted
Damage Penetrates 1% Cold Resistance default 1000 V2ColdPenetrationAbyssalJewelCorrupted
Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you default 1000 V2CorruptedBloodImmunityAbyssalJewelCorrupted
Damage Penetrates 1% Elemental Resistances default 1000 V2ElementalPenetrationAbyssalJewelCorrupted_
Damage Penetrates 1% Fire Resistance default 1000 V2FirePenetrationAbyssalJewelCorrupted
You cannot be Hindered default 1000 V2HinderImmunityAbyssalJewelCorrupted
(5-7)% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments default 1000 V2IncreasedAilmentEffectOnEnemiesAbyssalJewelCorrupted
(4-5)% increased Area of Effect default 1000 V2IncreasedAreaOfEffectAbyssalJewelCorrupted
(8-10)% increased Global Critical Strike Chance default 1000 V2IncreasedCriticalStrikeChanceAbyssalJewelCorrupted
(4-5)% increased Damage default 1000 V2IncreasedDamageAbyssJewelCorrupted_
Damage Penetrates 1% Lightning Resistance default 1000 V2LightningPenetrationAbyssalJewelCorrupted
You cannot be Maimed default 1000 V2MaimImmunityCorrupted_
Minions deal (4-5)% increased Damage default 1000 V2MinionDamageCorrupted__
1% reduced Mana Reserved default 1000 V2ReducedManaReservationCorrupted_
You cannot be Cursed with Silence default 1000 V2SilenceImmunityJewelCorrupted__

List of unique jewels received by corruption

List of unique jewels received by corruption (either Vaal Orb Vaal Orb or in Locus of Corruption or randomly corrupted item in Vaal side area and Strongbox). Note that this list does not include jewel that dropped naturally corrupted and from boss only. These boss-only corrupted item cannot be obtain from Vaal Orb Vaal Orb or any aforementioned method of corruption on base item.

Item Base Item Lvl. Stats
Ancient Waystones Ancient Waystones Crimson Jewel 1 60% reduced Mana Cost of Totem Skills that cast an Aura
Atziri’s Reign Atziri’s Reign Crimson Jewel 1 (15-20)% increased Vaal Skill Effect Duration
Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice Crimson Jewel 1 Lose 1% of Life on Kill
Recover 1% of Mana on Kill
Lose 1% of Energy Shield on Kill
Brittle Barrier Brittle Barrier Cobalt Jewel 1 20% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge
10% increased Damage taken while on Full Energy Shield
Chill of Corruption Chill of Corruption Viridian Jewel 1 50% chance to gain an additional Vaal Soul per Enemy Shattered
Combustibles Combustibles Crimson Jewel 1 10% reduced Quantity of Items found
(20-30)% increased Burning Damage
Corrupted Energy Corrupted Energy Cobalt Jewel 1 With 5 Corrupted Items Equipped: 50% of Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield, and 50% of Physical Damage bypasses Energy Shield
Fevered Mind Fevered Mind Cobalt Jewel 1 (30-40)% increased Spell Damage
50% increased Mana Cost of Skills
Fragility Fragility Crimson Jewel 1 -1 to Maximum Endurance Charges
Hungry Abyss Hungry Abyss Viridian Jewel 1 With 5 Corrupted Items Equipped: Life Leech recovers based on your Chaos Damage instead
Mutated Growth Mutated Growth Cobalt Jewel 1 10% increased Experience Gain for Corrupted Gems
Pacifism Pacifism Viridian Jewel 1 -1 to Maximum  Frenzy Charges
Powerlessness Powerlessness Cobalt Jewel 1 -1 to Maximum Power Charges
Sacrificial Harvest Sacrificial Harvest Viridian Jewel 1 (20-30)% chance to gain an additional Vaal Soul on Kill
Self-Flagellation Self-Flagellation Viridian Jewel 1 (10-20)% increased Damage per Curse on you
An additional Curse can be applied to you
Vaal Sentencing Vaal Sentencing Cobalt Jewel 1 (80-120)% increased Vaal Skill Critical Strike Chance
Weight of Sin Weight of Sin Viridian Jewel 1 (15-20)% increased Chaos Damage
15% reduced Movement Speed

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