Love is Dead

Love is Dead Guide

Start  Talk to Clarissa
Objective  Take Ankh of Eternity(location: The Quay, Act 8) to Clarissa(location: The Quay)
Completion  Talk to Clarissa(location: The Sarn Encampment)

Love is Dead Walkthrough

  • Location: The Quay(It is connected to Doedre’s Cesspool and the Grain Gate.)

Search Ankh of Eternity in The Quay and bring it to Clarissa so she can revive Tolman. Tolman will attack after a short wave of other zombies, afterwards you can talk to Clarissa in town for a reward.

Search Ankh of Eternity

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Quest Rewards

Quest Complete – You have killed Tolman. Clarissa has rewarded you with 1 Passive skill Point and 2 Passive Respec Points.

  • Book of Skill: Grants a Passive Skill Point and two Passive Respec Points

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