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Small Deralium Fragment

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Small Deralium Fragment Deralium ore used for basic weapon upgrades. Upgrades all Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including Catalysts up to +2.

Small Deralium Fragment is an Upgrade Material in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Small Deralium Fragment is an upgrade material that can be used to upgrade Weapons, Armor, and Shields up to +2. Upgrade Materials are items used for increasing the level and strengthening the stats of different equipment pieces such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including vital items such as the Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp.

Bound by both iron and unnaturally prolonged lifespans, the miners of Sunless Skein toil endlessly. Like much of the cold rock within which they are entombed, their minds are long bereft of whatever value they once contained.

Where to find it?

Small Deralium Fragments can be found in the following places:

  • Can be purchased from Thehk-Ihir after finding and speaking to him at the lookout of Forsaken Fen.
  • This item drops from the Trapper enemies.
  • Additional pieces are added to Thehk-Ihir’s inventory which can be purchased after finding and speaking to him next to the Vestige of Rosamund in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Finding and speaking to him expands the merchant’s inventory which adds this item to the shop.
  • Skyrest Bridge: Near the Pilgrim’s Perch checkpoint, go the the large platform, then head to the left, you’ll find some hanging wooden platforms you’ll have to traverse. As you cross the thin planks, be careful of the Pilgrim who’ll ambush you from the left and push you off of the structure. Move forward, hopping onto the succeeding platforms. Jump from the next plank leading to a hanging platform over the cliff and then jump onto the stairs on the side of the building. At the edge of the stairs, you can pick up 4 Small Deralium Fragments from the dead Avowed.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch: If you returned to Skyrest Bridge and then fast-traveled back to Pilgrim’s Perch, you can visit Gerlinde’s previous jail cell to find four Small Deralium Fragments by the fireplace.
  • Randomly dropped by Pilgrims.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch: After locating the locked door that requires the Pilgrim’s Perch Key, turn the corner and you’ll find two Pilgrims. Climb up the stairs after you’re done and defeat the Spike-Headed Prisoner. To the right of the top of the stairs, you can pick up 4 Small Deralium Fragments.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch: After picking up the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword guarded by two Remnants, cross the wooden beam on the right. Defeat the Pilgrim on the platform, then climb up the ladder to defeat another one. There are also another 4 Small Deralium Fragments on this upper platform. See it on the LotF Fitzroy’s Gorge Map.
  • Pilgrim’s Perch: If you proceed to go to the Manse, use your Umbral Lamp on the broken bridge to reveal an Umbral path leading to the other side. There’ll be a ladder on the right up ahead, but before you go up, an Ardent Penitent will jump out from behind it. You’ll have to take out your Umbral Lamp again or just enter the Umbral to get up to the next platform. Defeat the Pilgrim up here then enter the doorway on the right. There’ll be an Umbral Flowerbed directly on the left, and a chest containing 4 Small Deralium Fragments, 3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, and 2 Large Deralium Shards.
  • Forsaken Fen: After picking up the first 3 Minor Fire Salts from the ground, defeat the four Swamp Undead and Shuja Warrior in the area, then move on past the torch. Be careful as you’re wading through the shallow river here, as some Swamp Undead may emerge from the riverbed. When you pass underneath a wooden archway, turn left to find 2 Small Deralium Fragments behind some crates.
  • Forsaken Fen: After picking up the Angel of the Void Set from a chest, head back into the lake and up to the large bonfire. You can look into the huts in the area for a Small Deralium Fragment. See it on the LotF Forsaken Fen Map.
  • Forsaken Fen: After reaching the earlier section of the Forsaken Fen, go across the walkway until the ladder is to your right. Turn left, then left again when you can on the platform you entered the area in. There’s an Emergence Effigy at the end that takes can take you back into the Axiom if you lowered the bridge earlier or got eaten by the Ravenous Fascinator. Turn the corner, continuing down the path, and on the left, you can grab 4 Small Deralium Fragments from the ground.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After watching the scene of Andreas of Ebb kicking someone off the cliff for her supplies, keep moving forward along the ridge and grab the Holy Salts from the dead body by the cliff. Another Rhogar Hound will come straight at you as you step forward, covered by a Trapper on the elevated ground, so be careful not to fall off the cliff. Past the elevated ground are x4 Small Deralium Fragments on another corpse by the cliff.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After picking up Fitzroy’s Sword, move forward and cross the broken bridge by holding up your Umbral Lamp. Once across, you can head down the path to your left. Shortly as you do you’ll find a ladder behind a bit of raised ground to your right, which leads to a short little detour. If you keep heading down to the left you’ll find another Ravenous Fascinator luring you in so ignore it. Near it should be a ladder going down. Jump down the platforms to your left to reach an Emergence Effigy if you need to use it. Right before the end of the platform are x4 Small Deralium Fragments on the corpse you can pick up.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Bow of the Convert, you’ll find another Soulflay target nearby across another gap. You can head down the rooftop to the right to get the jump on yet another Raw Mangler taking a break. If you’re in Umbral, you can farm some Umbral Eggs further to the right if you would like to. Head to the other side of this lower ledge to find another target to Soulflay. Doing so will bring a platform closer to the bridge so you can cross. Head back up and do so. There’s another Emergence Effigy waiting for you on the other side. Head up the narrow path to your left. Be careful as you emerge as you’ll be greeted with firebombs thrown by the Seared Souls across the gap. Dash across the narrow wooden planks in front of you and head down to rush them. At the end of this ledge are x4 Small Deralium Fragments on a corpse that’s sat up.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Dark Oath Armour Tinct, head up the stairs to find an Emergence Effigy you can use to transition back out to Axiom. Follow the path from there to jump back to the tunnel under the bridge. This time, turn right along the downward path beside a house. As you go down, look to the right for x2 Regular Deralium Nuggets on a corpse while being careful of the Trapper on the other side of the fence. Now head up the wooden platforms through the stairs on your right, along this side of the house. At the top will be a Proselyte you’ll have to deal with. Across the stairs you just climbed will be a wooden bridge that’s raised up, so you can’t cross it for now. Be careful using your Umbral Lamp to check things here as a Bringer of Stillness can use the opening to pull you to the Umbral unwillingly. Turn left onto a narrower bridge you can cross instead. On the other side will be x4 Small Deralium Fragments.
  • Lower Calrath: After picking up the Skinstealer Spear, cross the wooden bridge to the other side and ignore the wooden steps first to grab some Fire Salts. Now up the wooden steps and you’ll find yourself on the platform where you were previously. Drop down to the open area on your right to climb up the ladder. Climb up the next ones as well and then circle around the structure until you see some large ropes. There should be a gap you can enter in between them to pick up x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, x4 Small Deralium Fragments, and some Large Deralium Shards.
  • Upper Calrath A: This will be the area with the Ravenous Fascinator, Womb of Despair Emergence Effigy near the doorways. Find your way to the stack of breakable boxes. Break them to find four Small Deralium Fragments hiding under them.
  • Skyrest Bridge: Can be purchased from Gerlinde for 500 Vigor, (becomes available after TBA).
  • Sunless Skein: at the beginning of the area, you will find a locked gate. Nearby you will find x4 Small Deralium Fragments.
  • Sunless Skein: Pass the locked gate, head straight, and take a sharp turn to the left so you will access the elevated area where the Pilgrims are located. head back and take the nearest wooden stairs. It will lead you to another tunnel with Corrupted Penitents lurking. Notice that along the way there are barrels that you can destroy to access the hidden space where you can get another x4 Small Deralium Fragment.
  • Sunless Skein: Head back to the last area where the path splits into two and instead access the other path that you didn’t take. Not far from your location, is the locked gate shortcut that we need to unlock. Along the way, clear the enemies and pick up the x4 Small Deralium Fragment on the ground. Head to the shortcut and unlock it. Near the gate, pick up another x4 Small Deralium Fragment. Since the shortcut is unlocked, you can rest in the nearest vestige if you want to.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: After picking up the Piercing Light Spell, another wave of Rhogar Hounds and Raw Manglers will come rushing at you. Defeat them, then you can continue pressing forward. At the top, you’ll get into a fork in the road, with one path going right and the other going left. There’s a sign on the path to the right mentioning a place called Calrath. Head down this path and when you can, turn left to go up a slope going slightly backward. Up here you can grab x4 Small Deralium Fragments.
  • Revelation Depths: At the wooden bridge, head into the nearest tunnel, where an Umbral Flowerbed is accessible. Follow the straightforward path here and there, a single miner that you can take out along the way. Pick up the x4 Small Deralium Fragment lying on the ground.
  • Revelation Depths: From the chest that contains Death’s Finger, alongside a few other items. Check the second platform to find more loot, this time x4 Small Deralium Fragment.
  • Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed up the stairs past the Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim, continue along the path and up the stairs to find a breakable wall. Break the wall and defeat the Ruiner, head to the open archway on the left, and go continue along the hall to find another Ruiner patrolling the area. After defeating the Ruiner, head to the open area on the left to find a chest containing x2 Large Deralium Shards, x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, and x8 Small Deralium Fragment.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Umbral Flowerbed by the ravine, there is a chest near the flowerbed. Open it and pick up x1 Bow of the Mutilated, x4 Small Deralium Fragment, x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, x3 Ammunition Satchel.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Vestige of Loash head through the archway leading to The Hollow Crow’s Boss arena, after defeating it, head to the doorway and take the ladder down. Continue through the bridge until the next tower. Head up the tower to reach the beacon. Next to it is a chest, open it and pick up x1 Deralium Chunk, x2 Large Deralium Shards, x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, x4 Small Deralium Fragment.
  • This item can drop from the Pilgrim enemy.
  • This item can drop from the Raw Mangler enemy.
  • This item can drop from the Shuja Warrior enemy.

How to use it?

Small Deralium Fragment can be used as follows:

Deralium ore used for basic weapon upgrades. Upgrades all Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including Catalysts up to +2.

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