FFXIV Shadowed Footsteps

Shadowed Footsteps is a FFXIV Endwalker main scenario quest(Thavnair Quest Chain). Nidhana regards you with those eyes you could drown in. — In-game description.

Shadowed Footsteps

Level Guide Objectives
  • Quest giver: Nidhana
  • Location: Thavnair – The Perfumed Rise – The Hamsa Hatchery (x:11.7, y:24.6)
  • Closest Aetheryte: The Great Work (Landmark)
  • Experience:  448,800
  • Gil:  1,095
  • Previous quest: The Great Work
  • Next quest: A Boy’s Errand
  1. Speak with Nidhana. 0/3
  2. Speak with Nidhana again.
  3. Speak with Nidhana yet again.
  4. Stand guard for Nidhana.
  5. Speak with Nidhana.
  6. Speak with Nidhana again.

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