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Saintly Quintessence

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Saintly Quintessence A relic used to upgrade the Sanguinarix. Increase your Radiance to gain further insight.

Saintly Quintessence is an Upgrade Material in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Saintly Quintessence is an upgrade material that improves the level and effects of the Sanguinarix, players will need to speak to Pieta at Skyrest Bridge to upgrade the Sanguinarix. Upgrade Materials are items used for increasing the level and strengthening the stats of different equipment pieces such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including vital items such as the Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp. This page covers information for all Saintly Quintessence Locations for Lords of the Fallen.

A relic used to upgrade the Sanguinarix.

Pieta’s remarkable skills as a warrior were always equalled by her skills as a healer, but as the Hallowed Sentinel’s war against the Rhogar became increasingly desperate and savage, she found the former set of skills in far more frequent use than the latter.

Where to find it?

Saintly Quintessence Locations can be found in the following places:

Farming Locations

  1. Defiled Sepulchre: After defeating a few Corrupted Penitent enemies just after the Withered Health tutorial, use Soulflay to the Umbral Belly jutting out of the wall to pick up a Saintly Quintessence.
  2. Pilgrim’s Perch: After defeating Scourged Sister Delyth and if you’re not already in the Umbral, use your Umbral Lamp to enter the land of the dead and you’ll find an Umbral Belly in a small alcove where Delyth was found initially. Soulflay it to obtain a Saintly Quintessence.
  3. Forsaken Fen: After leaving the cave where the Petrified Woman is positioned, enter the Umbral and go to the left, through some rock formations where you’ll find a Shuja Strider on stilts. At the split, go down the path on the right. You’ll eventually stumble across a hut on your left. Before heading inside, follow the path to the end. You’ll eventually make reach an Umbral Belly guarded by a few Remnants and Womb of Despair. After defeating them, the Umbral Belly can be soulflayed for a Saintly Quintessence.
  4. Fitzroy’s Gorge: After defeating the Mendacious Visage mini-boss, soulflay the Umbral Belly on the large tree to claim a Saintly Quintessence.
  5. Lower Calrath: From the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch, find your way back to Umbral Flowerbed behind a cracked wall and head up the slope and onto the top of the stairs again. Head up the ladder this time. Break the wooden barrels when you reach the top for x2 Faint Vigor Skulls. Hold up your Umbral Lamp to the back wall here to bypass it to a secret room, which has another Umbral Flowerbed, as well as a chest containing the Lava Burst Spell. Return to the previous room and head up the ramp to kick the third Raw Mangler you’ve caught taking a break so far off of the wooden platform. Past the breakable objects to the left is another who’ll try to avenge him. Afterward, cross the narrow bridge past him. Once across on the other side, transition to Umbral to get rid of some of the fires in this building. You’ll have another Womb of Despair to deal with, but you’ll be rewarded with the Items it’ll drop, as well as an Umbral Belly you can Soulflay at the top of the buliding to get a Saintly Quintessence.
  6. Upper Calrath: Past the Vestige of Doln, follow the path down to a section of the outer walls filled with catapults and spears. Enter the Umbral and drop down to a section with a large tree filled with hanging corpses. The Umbral Belly here can be Soulflayed for a Saintly Quintessence.
  7. Sunless Skein: Facing the Vestige of Catrin, go through the doorway on the left and follow the wooden platforms circling left until you get to a mineshaft. Head through and at the end, there’ll be a Proselyte. Move past it into the next room and head up the stairs on the right to go through another doorway. Use your Umbral Lamp to bypass the gate at the end, then head up the staircase to the top. In this next room, follow the the wooden platforms and stairs as it does a U-turn, and at the bottom, you’ll get to a hole that is partially covered by railings. Look down the hole, standing on the side that doesn’t have a railing to find a lower wooden platform blocked off by a metal gate. Enter the Umbral and this lower platform should now be accessible. The item here is a Saintly Quintessence.
  8. Lower Calrath: From the Vestige of Hooded Antuli, follow the path to the left leading to the locked door. Use the Sunless Skein Key to open it and emerge to a new of Lower Calrath. Move forward on your right and head down the wooden ladder to get to ground level. You’ll be faced with a Raw Mangler here along with a Rhogar Hound. Turn left toward where the Raw Mangler started and pick up the Regular Deralium Nuggets. Move forward on the other side. Head down the stairs to the right, looking for a chance to head up to the left as you go, and you’ll find two more of these. Head all the way down the stairs and transition to Umbral when you’re ready. You’ll have to deal with a minor Mendacious Visage here guarding an Umbral Belly on the tree. Soulflay it to pick up a Saintly Quintessence.
  9. Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Beacon, take the ladder down and head out the the hole on the side of the tower. Warp into the Umbral and head down the wooden bridge leading to the river path on the left until you reach a wall blocked by a target you can Soulflay. Soulflay it to clear the tumor to be able to soulflay the other structures. Head to the wall on the middle and soulflay the structure to open up the path. At the very end to find an Umbral Belly. Soulflay it and pick up x1 Saintly Quintessence.
  10. Fief of the Chill Curse: After dealing with Griefbound Rowena, head outside the building take a sharp turn to the left, and notice that there are platforms that you can Soulflay and use to get across near the outpost. There is a treasure chest that you can open here. You will notice that below the platform, there is a section where you can jump off. Use the platform so you can be close to it before actually jumping on it. An Umbral Belly is waiting for you here and Soulflay it and receive x1 Saintly Quintessence.
  11. Revelation Depths: Take the ladder and as soon as get off the ladder, you will notice that you can soulflay the nearest platform so it will be extended. Use the extendable platform to get into the larger platform. Beware as this platform will spawn a lot of enemies and Mendacious Visage is the leader of the pack. This platform can also spawn a Womb of Despair enemy. Clear all enemies and soulflay the Umbral Belly and receive a x1 Saintly Quintessence. Near your location, pick up a x1 Enervated Vigor Skull.
  12. Path of Devotion: Follow the path from the Vestige of Dieter until you reach the hill. By the side of the hill there are some graves, Warp to the Umbral to reveal a platform. Do a running jump to make it to the platform and clear the area of enemies. Soulflay the Umbral Belly to obtain x1 Saintly Quintessence.
  13. Manse of the Hallowed Brothers: There are two doors in the Manse that require Abbot Vernoff’s Key – one at the bottom of a courtyard and another on a stone pathway in the same courtyard. Start by heading towards the small single door on the elevated stone walkway. Down the stairs inside, you’ll find some Penitent praying at a statue. If you enter the Umbral here, you’ll be able to find an Umbral Belly that drops a Saintly Quintessence in the middle of the prayer area.
  14. Tower of Penance: From the door that requires the Tancred’s Key, you’ll find an Emergence Effigy opposite to it. Head through the open archway leading outside. Enter the Umbral and look up to soulflay a Stigma that nets you x2 Umbral Scouring. To your left, you can find a ladder that takes you up. Take it, and take the next ladder up. You’ll get to a large area with several Remnant and a Womb of Despair. Soulflay the Umbral Belly after they’ve all been defeated, and you can obtain a Saintly Quintessence.
  15. Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: After defeating Abbess Ursula, you’ll eventually get to a large church. Make your way up to the top of the church. Enter the Umbral to find a pathway has opened up towards a gazebo-like structure. The Umbral Belly containing the Saintly Quintessence can be found at said gazebo.
  16. Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: From the Umbral Flowerbed in the Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk arena, head up the stairs on the left and circle around the hall and up the stairs then circle around the hall until you reach the first opening on your right. Go around that leads you outside, head down the stairs and warp into the Umbral and go through the gate and soulflay the Umbral Belly to retrieve a Saintly Quintessence.
  17. The Empyrean: You will encounter a room with two pairs of Abiding Defenders. You’ll find more pairs of them standing still as you explore both paths on either side. The path on the left leads to an Umbral Belly you can Soulflay after transitioning to Umbral for a Saintly Quintessence.
  18. Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed in the tower, continue the path straight up past the mini-boss battle. head out to the terrace and soulflay the target to create a bridge. Cross the bridge and climb the ladder up, in the upper right corner is an Umbral Belly. Soulflay it to receive a Saintly Quintessence.
  19. Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed underground in the cement coffin room, head up the stairs to reach the library where you find the Royal Key, warp to the Umbral and soulflay the platforms to walk across to the Umbral Belly. Soulflay the Umbral Belly and pick up x1 Saintly Quintessence.
  20. Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed in the dining room, head out through the doorway and make your way to the open area. Clear the enemies and break the wooden objects on the left side to reveal a lift, get on the lift to activate it but quickly get off. Warp to the Umbral to reveal an Umbral Belly below the lift platform, soulflay it to obtain x1 Saintly Quintessence.

How to use it?

Saintly Quintessence can be used as follows:

A relic used to upgrade the Sanguinarix.

A total number of 20 are required to upgrade it to level 10. (1/1/1/1/2/2/2/3/3/4)


  • NOTE: This item cannot be shared/dropped in co-op

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