Oathbreaker – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)


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Oathbreaker Allows you to change the colour of your armour.

Any soldier of Mournstead who broke the oath he had sworn to defend his kingdom was branded a blackguard and traitor and offered no clemency, whatever former honours he might have received.

Oathbreaker is one of the Armour Tincts available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Oathbreaker is a tincture for changing armor color, representing the branding of soldiers who broke their oaths..

How to get it?

Oathbreaker can be found in the following Location:

  • Upper Calrath B (accessed after completing the "Cistern" location): Back on the platform where the Infernal Enchantress was, look around above you to find the target you need to Soulflay in order to get rid of the tumor. Hop back down and bypass the gate in Umbral. Following the path, you’ll eventually find an Emergence Effigy on your left if you need to transition back to Axiom. Pick up the Oathbreaker Armour Tinct on the corpse as you head through the short tunnel.

How to use it?

Oathbreaker can be used to dye your Armor

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