Justiciar – Lords of the Fallen(LotF)


Name Icon Description
Justiciar Allows you to change the colour of your armour.

The role of Chief Justiciar once existed in Mournstead, until it became occupied by a man whose astonishing greed, deluded ambition and ruthless corruption led to his execution and the complete termination of the position itself.

Justiciar is one of the Armour Tincts available in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Justiciar is a tincture that changes your armor color, reflecting the rise and fall of a Chief Justiciar in Mournstead’s history..

How to get it?

Justiciar can be found in the following Location:

  • Upper Calrath A: In the area where Map of Upper Calrath Mining District. Before exiting out of the next gate, turn around and bypass the bars with your Umbral Lamp to pick up the Map of Upper Calrath Mining District. Head back and move forward. Grab the Justiciar Armour Tinct on the ground to your left as you follow the path down. Keep following the path, past a closed gate and some Husks here and there.
  • See it on the LotF map
  • See it on the Upper Calrath map

Lords of the Fallen Justiciar

How to use it?

Justiciar can be used to dye your Armor

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