Icestorm - Path of Exile

Icestorm is a cold spell. Icy bolts rain down over the targeted area. They explode when landing, dealing damage to nearby enemies and chilling them, as well as causing patches of chilled ground. Skill damage is based on Intelligence.

Icon Name Stats Description
Icestorm Icon Icestorm
  • Deals 2 to 4 base Cold Damage per 10 Intelligence
  • Base duration is 1 seconds
  • One impact every 0.2 seconds
  • 0.1 seconds additional Base Duration per 100 Intelligence
  • Maximum 5 Icestorms at a time
  • Cast Time: 0.75s
  • Level Req.: 1
  • Critical Strike Chance: 6%
  • Mana Cost: 22
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Effectiveness of Added Damage: 60%
  • Soul Gain Prevention: 0.002s
  • Damage Multiplier: 100%

1. Icestorm Items

Item Category Lvl. Stats Note
The Whispering Ice The Whispering Ice warstaff 33 Grants Level 1 Icestorm Skill Unique

2. Icestorm Build

2.1 Supports

Icestorm can be supported by applicable support gems socketed in the The Whispering Ice The Whispering Ice; it is not necessary to link the sockets together.

Totem, Mine, Trap: Icestorm can be supported by Spell Totem Support Spell Totem SupportTrap Support Trap SupportBlastchain Mine Support Blastchain Mine SupportHigh-Impact Mine Support High-Impact Mine Support.

Cast while Channelling Support Cast while Channelling Support allows the use of very cheap skills, completely skipping the otherwise heavy mana costs, and also skipping the long cast time, in the extreme case: going from 0.75 second cast times down to .30 second cast times, and 100 mana down to 2 using Blight.

Icestorm is not a skill gem, therefore it cannot be supported by Empower Support Empower SupportEnhance Support Enhance Support, or Enlighten Support Enlighten Support.

2.2 Area of Effect

Increased AoE will increase both the area in which the ice shards randomly fall and also the radius of the individual ice shard damage. Full spell damage is done at any point within the AoE of a shard, however due to the fact that enemies take up an area, and not simply a point, less spell damage is dealt to any given enemy as area increases. This is why, contrary to popular belief, increasing the AoE of Icestorm decreases the average number of hits to single target. However, this is only true if the enemy remains within the AoE of Icestorm for its whole duration. Increasing the AoE can therefore be advisable for movement-heavy fights.

2.3 Duration

Increasing duration with either supports or passives will increase the total number of ice shards that fall before the spell ends. Additionally, the length of time the chilled ground remains also increases or decreases.

2.4 Damage Effectiveness

Damage from secondary sources like ‘added damage’ supports or heralds applies at only 60% of their listed value.

2.5 Damage per Second

Due to the complexity of estimating actual DPS of the skill including all possible factors, ingame tooltip shows only average damage per hit of one ice shard, with actual DPS of the skill being considerably higher.


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