FFXIV Gil Goblin 2020

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The FFXIV game has always been the impatient expectation of millions of fans all over the world, not only because of the excitement of the fight and the story, but also because of the film, the beauty of the characters, the scenery and so on.

In the end, the competition for XIV is very fierce. If you want to do this in the game, you need the best equipment, potion, etc. With FFXIV Gil, you can buy equipment , food and potions, but you can also repair and enhance equipment .

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Make FFXIV GIL Goblin

At a low level, blinking seems expensive. When I was at that level, I used the Chocobo Porter and just went to pee or drink tea when my character was traveling.

FFXIV — Quick 5.2 Gil-making tips (No crafting required)

In the early stages, there were many ways to get equipment — manual manufacturing (it might be a little expensive if you don’t practice your own skills or know the craftsman), dungeons (depending on luck, but the statistics are very good, and some look good), and purchased GC gears with seals.

If your FC has a craftsman, one option is to find the equipment you need on MB, then find the mats you need on xivdb.com or elsewhere, buy them, and then ask a friendly craftsman to make something for you. If everything was sent as a moogle email, then I would provide something for free, because now it’s just a macro for me. The biggest trouble in the production process is making mats — if someone does it for me — then I’m happy to make things for them. Tips are always appreciated, but never expected.

My experience of getting FFXIV Gil Goblin

You’re partially lost by wasting coins on low-level equipment , but you don’t have no choice at all.

Collect items. Check all the items you can currently collect to see if there are any for sale. If not, you can collect / sell pieces until you make coins . Collection basically doesn’t need any initial investment to make coins . People always buy at least pieces.

Once you have the coins , you can buy the vendor ‘s items and resell them to people at a higher price, MB, because they are too lazy to see them. It’s easy to make coins , but it takes some investment. I won’t say what to sell because you need to check MB.

Buy low-level crafting / collected equipment from the ul’dah vendor , bring small flying monsters into the “tunnel” area passing through horizo n / vesper Bay, and sell the material with the panacea of low-level crafting / collected equipment. There may be 2–3 passing through the tunnel, and the low gear may take 5 minutes to reach the top of sb. The cost of purchasing this gear may be 3000 grams, but this material is usually more valuable than one material, and I think you can get 6–7 pieces per operation.

Although I guess it will take some time, because I do it based on the maximum level / weapon and the sb gear, so I can kill them faster than level 30. But it’s still a choice.

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