Dressed to Call – Final Fantasy XIV

Dressed to Call is a level 5 main scenario quest. Staelwyrn, owner of Summerford Farms, wishes to inspect your equipment and thereby gauge your readiness for the tasks he has in mind.

  • Quest giver: Staelwyrn
  • Location: Middle La Noscea (X:25, Y:17)
  • Objectives: Present yourself to Staelwyrn for inspection.


  1. Talk to Staelwyrn and accept the quest.
  2. Equip head, body, hands, legs and feet with armor level 5 or above (Merchant & Mender (Summerford Farms) will sell what you need).
  3. Talk to Staelwyrn to complete the quest.

FFXIV Dressed to Call (Main Scenario Quest)

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  • To be eligible for tasks from Staelwyrn, you must first assemble a respectable set of equipment. Equip your head, body, hands, legs, and feet with gear of level 5 or above and present yourself to Staelwyrn for inspection.
  • Staelwyrn likes the cut of your jib, and has work for you whenever you are ready.


Rewards Optional rewards
  • Experience: 2,240
  • Gil: 161
  • 1 x Bronze War Axe
  • 1 x Leather Grimoire
  • 1 x Bronze Daggers
  • 1 x Allagan Bronze Piece

Quest Progression

  • Previous: On to Summerford(Level 4)
  • Next: Lurkers in the Grotto(Level 5)


Staelwyrn: Let’s have a look at you, shall we?

If you are not wearing appropriate-level protective gear

Staelwyrn: No, no, lad, I fear I can’t give you work lookin’ like that. It’s not about just handlin’ yourself in combat. You want to dress in such a way as to terrorize your foes, causin’ them to regret challengin’ you in the first place.

If you are wearing appropriate-level protective gear

Staelwyrn: Oho! As long as you’re this well covered, I won’t feel any guilt throwin’ you to the sharks.

Staelwyrn: Erstwhile buccaneers are an ornery lot. They rage in love for the sea, and care little for the laws of the land.

Staelwyrn: But they respect strength, and by the looks of you, I’d say you’ll have little trouble gettin’ their attention.

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