Willowgift Jade Amulet - Path of Exile

Willowgift Jade Amulet


Willowgift is a unique Jade Amulet. Amulets.

Requires Level 52.

  • +(20–30) to Dexterity

  • 10% reduced Strength
  • 15% increased Dexterity
  • (-30–-20)% to Fire Resistance
  • +(30–40)% to Cold Resistance
  • You do not inherently take less Damage for having Fortification
  • +4% chance to Suppress Spell Damage per Fortification
  • (15–25)% increased Attack and Cast Speed while at maximum Fortification
  • (50% of Damage from Suppressed Hits and Ailments they inflict is prevented)

Flavour Text: The storm cannot break that which bends.

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Willowgift modifies the effect of Fortification so that it provides chance to Suppress Spell Damage instead. Players still need to increase the maximum stack of Fortification to 25 or above in order to acquire 100% chance to suppress spell damage from Fortification (4% times 25). Please read Fortification on how to acquire Fortification stacks and increase the maximum amount of Fortification.