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The Goddess Unleashed Eternal Sword

The Goddess Unleashed

The Goddess Unleashed is a unique Eternal Sword. One Hand Swords. Physical Damage: 41-68. Critical Strike Chance: 5%. Attacks per Second: 1.5. Weapon Range: 11.

Requires Level 52, 104 Str, 122 Dex.

  • +475 to Accuracy Rating

  • Uses both hand slots
  • Adds (3–6) to (33–66) Physical Damage
  • (44–66)% increased Critical Strike Chance
  • 33% increased Ignite Duration on Enemies
  • Gain (66–99)% of Sword Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage
  • Gain Her Blessing for 3 seconds when you Ignite an Enemy
  • 33% chance to Blind nearby Enemies when gaining Her Blessing
  • Cannot be Frozen, Chilled or Ignited with Her Blessing
  • 20% increased Attack and Movement Speed with Her Blessing
  • local six linked sockets [1]
  • use goddess player audio [1]
  • (Being Blinded causes 20% less Accuracy Rating and Evasion Rating, for 4 seconds)

Flavour Text: As a maiden I was bound; as a crone was I scorned Promised power rarely found, delivered fury fairly thorned. Not enough?...Fine. Now I am become both and another To take your hand and cradle your talents, not smother The consummate flames. So hush, dear, say not a word. Bequeathed, betrayed...beloved. At last, I am the third.

How does Increased Attack Damage (from something such as Crown of Eyes) work with The Goddess Unleashed and the new 'Fated' Doomfletch, specifically the mod: Add X% Bow/Sword as Y Element(s)? If it applies at the end of all the conversions, wouldn't that effectively make it a 'MORE' multiplier?But if it applies to the Physical and then the Fire, wouldn't the effect of Increased Attack Damage be doubled for the Fire and not for the Physical?

These are, as you've correctly noted, conversions. Converted damage (or converted anything) is the thing it's converted to, and is affected by modifiers to it, but it is also affected by modifiers to the thing it used to be. So the fire damage that was converted to physical is affected by increased fire damage, increased physical damage, and increased attack damage, and all of these stack additively, since they're increases.

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The Goddess Unleashed is a one-handed sword, but does not allow a shield or another one-handed melee weapon to be equipped in the off-hand slot. The Goddess Unleashed also always comes with six linked sockets.


Her Blessing is a three second debuff that damages the player for 33% of max life/ES as fire damage over time. It is not an ignite status ailment but it can be mitigated with fire resistance.

Item acquisition

The Goddess Unleashed is drop disabled.

The Goddess Unleashed's vendor recipe has been disabled, and the sword can no longer be obtained.

Before, The Goddess Unleashed could only be obtained with the following vendor recipe:

  • 1x 20% quality, uncorrupted 3S The Goddess Scorned
  • 1x 20% quality, uncorrupted 3S Graceful Sword
  • 1x 20% quality, uncorrupted 6S Lithe Blade with socket colours matching the other two swords
  • 3x Divine Orb
  • 3x Blessed Orb
  • 3x Orb of Fusing
  • 1x Added Fire Damage Support, whose level and quality sum to 33
  • 1x Increased Critical Strikes Support, whose level and quality sum to 33
  • 1x Blind Support, whose level and quality sum to 33

Additionally, the Graceful Sword and Lithe Blade must not be Unique.


The following riddle was introduced to help solving the vendor recipe:


Three to wield, pure and fine,
Eclipse eternal to align
Exquisite full and true.

Three to save, risk reward,
Two exalted, one encored,
Counting all in equal due.

Three to help, each matured,
All beloved by the third,
All imperfect sums of two.


This weapon talks. Almost all dialogue is quest-based so it's best to start using it from the very start of Merciless. There are total of 36 dialogues.

  • Being equipped:
    • "Yes, yes... yes."
    • "Know the love of a Goddess."
    • "(laughs)"
    • "This shall suffice."
    • "My turn to sing."
    • "Hmm, shall we dance?"
  • Killing Hillock: "Now that blade must have quite the story. If only swords could talk."
  • Killing Kuduku: "A false god is no match for a real, Goddess."
  • Initial encounter with Piety in The Upper Prison: "Awfully self-important, that one. I wonder where "she" ran off to."
  • Encountering Piety at Prisoner's Gate: "Not much for talk is she, and I was so looking forward to catching up with her."
  • Killing Fairgraves: "That Allflame was as fleeting as a spark of lust, ours is the fire that shall never end."
  • Killing Merveil: "The pitiful song of a pathetic siren can never surpass my love."
  • Encountering Piety in The Chamber of Sins: "Brief speech, hasty retreat. I sense a pattern."
  • Killing Alira: "Sad little kitten, no wonder her followers kill themselves."
  • Killing Kraityn: "It seems the crispy little rodent has had enough for one day."
  • Killing Oak: "He said he wanted peace, now he can rest in it."
  • Touching the Ancient Seal in the Vaal Ruins: "A little darkness is nothing compared to a flame as bright as ours."
  • Killing the Vaal Oversoul: "And so the flame banishes the darkness, as it always has."
  • Entering The Crematorium: "Now that was not a scream of pleasure."
  • Piety retreats from The Crematorium: "That woman is not right in the head; I think we need to remove it."
  • Burning the Undying Blockage in The Warehouse Sewers: "I usually enjoy burning things, but this, ugh."
  • Killing Gravicius: "Hmm, I actually liked his style. Too bad he was so lacking in stamina."
  • Killing Piety in The Lunaris Temple: "A gruesome end, to a gruesome individual. Divine judgment is so satisfying."
  • Entering The Library: "History, (laughs) the pen has always betrayed the truth."
  • Killing Dominus: "Maybe you should have tried the touch of a Goddess instead."
  • Killing Voll: "Normally I consider burning dead people a waste of time, but with so much undeath around, I may need to change my policy."
  • Killing Daresso: "It appears the king of swords has been dethroned. Oh well, he never was very good at bowing down to others."
  • Killing Kaom: "Everyone burns eventually, but for some it lasts far far longer."
  • Entering The Belly of the Beast Level 1: "I have a feeling the beast here is going to suffer a severe case of, heartburn."
  • Defeating Piety in The Belly of the Beast Level 2: "And I thought Piety was a monster before. In any case, you should never trust anyone who refuses to stay dead."
  • Piety is killed by Malachai in The Black Core: "Do not pity her she deserved this, and everything else."
  • Killing Malachai in The Black Heart: "The power of a Goddess is as unlimited as her love. Together we are unstoppable."
  • Unidentified:
    • "Anyone who tells me to die is only asking to have the favor returned."
    • "Those who repeat the mistakes of the past are doomed to burn alongside them."
    • "Piety is one witch who fully deserves to be burned at the stake. And I think we should do the honors."
    • "Remember an ally is as fickle as a flickering flame."

All the dialogues can be heard on soundcloud.

Supporter attribution

The Goddess Unleashed was created by supporter CharanJaydemyr. It is the third part of a trilogy of unique one-handed swords. The first sword in the trilogy is The Goddess Bound, the second is The Goddess Scorned.