Faithguard Faithguard is a unique Runic Helm. This unique helmet allows you to go all-in with Ward as a defensive option for your character. It causes all increases to Energy Shield to affect your Ward instead, grants you a bunch of Ward, and helps it recover faster.

Requires Level 25, 30 Str, 30 Dex, 30 Int. Ward: 43.

  • +(20–30) to Intelligence
  • (25–35)% increased Ward
  • (20–30)% faster Restoration of Ward
  • (15–25)% increased Light Radius
  • Increases and Reductions to Maximum Energy Shield instead apply to Ward

Flavour text: The priests of the Kalguur worshipped knowledge, not gods.

Faithguard PoE

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How to get Faithguard?

  1. It drops from Expedition monsters in zones or Logbooks.
  2. It has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.

PoE Faithguard Build

Faithguard Screenshots

Faithguard Screenshots

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