Defeat The Gorgon in Sulphur Vents Map

1. Defeat The Gorgon

This area’s boss is The Gorgon. It is based on The Basilisk in act 9 and shares its attack patterns. It is located in a separate arena.

  • shoots multiple fire projectiles in a narrow cone
  • attempts to petrify you with its glare
  • spreads fire over a large cone-shaped area in front of it

The glare can be avoided by simply moving out of range since the Gorgon remains stationary. It causes a slowing effect, however.

The third attack is telegraphed by the Gorgon’s rearing up on its hind legs.

Its low mobility makes it easy to kite. Upon killing the Gorgon the petrified soldiers in the area reawaken, similar to The Basilisk.

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2. Sulphur Vents Map layout

Based on the Boiling Lake area in act 9. Wide open areas are separated by small ridges and dotted with sulphur pillars.

Name Description
Location: Sulphur Vents Map
Map Tier: 3, 6, 10, 12, 14
Atlas Region: Lex Proxima
Boss: The Gorgon

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