Niko’s Mine

Niko’s Mine Guide

Start  Talk to Niko(location: Mine Encampment)
Objective  Collect some Azurite
Completion  Talk to Niko

Niko’s Mine Walkthrough

1. Travel to Mine Encampment

Travel to Mine Encampmen

2. Collect some Azurite

  1. Activate the Crawler and direct it to the next Azurite Vein.
  2. Follow the Crawler to the next Azurite Vein.
  3. Activate the Azurite Vein near the Crawler.
  4. Defeat the monsters to collect the Azurite.
  5. Collect enough Azurite to craft some mining supplies.

Collect some Azurite

3. Talk to Niko again

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Quest Rewards

Quest Complete – You have successfully delved into the Azurite Mine.

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