Defeat Lycius, Midnight’s Howl in Lair Map

1. Defeat Lycius, Midnight’s Howl

Lycius, Midnight’s Howl is a unique boss which is found in Lair Map. Resistance: Elemental Damage and Chaos Damage.

Lycius has two alternating timed abilities:

  • Human form: The boss will melee attack, and unleash a frontal AoE once during this period.
  • Wolf form: The boss is immune to all attacks while continuing to melee attack, which adds a Bleed debuff. She will also occasionally summon 4-5 wolves for the player to dispatch.
  • Spectral Throw
  • Channels, sending out several waves of Wolf Spirit projectiles (Despite appearance, this is as an attack not a spell)
  • Summon Wolves
  • Transform into a Wolf, becoming damage immune and causing bleeding with attacks (Minions/Totems/Mimics do not pull any aggro while boss is in wolf form. He will only go for the main character until he turns back into human form.)

He does not teleport around the arena, nor does the arena have hazards as with the standard Rigwald encounter.

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2. Lair Map Layout

Map is split into three regions.

  • An outdoor starting area populated only with Wolves (The boss arena can be seen from the cliff edge).
  • A long otherwise linear cavern with a "ring shaped" passage somewhere along its length (This ring passage tends to be near the beginning or the end of the cavern).
  • An outdoor pond area, which contains a few monster packs as well as the boss.
Name Description
Location: Lair Map
Map Tier: 2, 5, 9, 11, 14
Atlas Region: Valdo’s Rest
Atlas Linked: Pen Map[T1], Gardens Map[T2], Peninsula Map[T2]
Boss: Lycius, Midnight’s Howl

3. How to get Lair Map?

Lair Map is drop disabled. It can be otained by vendoring three Bog Map.

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