Might of the Meek Jewel Build, Farming, Locations, Price, Explained

Might of the Meek Might of the Meek is a unique Crimson Jewel. 50% increased the Effect of non-Keystone Passive Skills in Radius. Radius: Large (1500). Notable Passive Skills in Radius grant nothing. Jewel Socket: Might of the Meek doesn’t nullify jewels in radius, they will work as normal.

Might of the Meek

Might of the Meek Farming

1. Might of the Meek Divination Card

Amount Divination Card Result Drop Areas
4 The Garish Power random Jewel The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7) • The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7) • Overgrown Ruin Map • Overgrown Shrine Map
10 The Eye of the Dragon random corrupted Jewel The Boiling Lake • Marshes Map • Sulphur Vents Map
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random two-implicit corrupted item Ancient City Map • Sunken City Map
4 Jack in the Box random item The Ebony Barracks • The Slums • The Docks • The Sarn Ramparts • The Imperial Fields • The Harbour Bridge • The Grand Promenade • The Lunaris Concourse • The Quay • The Grain Gate • Arsenal Map • Ghetto Map • Port Map • Precinct Map • Promenade Map

2. Slain monsters

The drop location of Might of the Meek Might of the Meek is random. You can obtain it by killing enemies.

3. Buy it from other players

The price of Might of the Meek Might of the Meek is about 45 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs.

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PoE Might of the Meek Build

1. Character: 100

Life: 1773 Strength: 123
Energy Shield: 4020 Dexterity: 154
Mana: 1500 Intelligence: 389
Evasion Rating: 634 Charges: E: 3 / F: 3 / P: 3
Armour: 2104

2. Main Skills Build

Main skill: Arc Arc. DPS: 577k.

Damage types:

  • Cold: 80%
  • Chaos: 17%
  • Physical: 1%
  • Lightning: 1%
  • Fire: 1%

3. Skill Gems Build

These are the support skill gems for it:

Body Armour: Arc Arc (Blue) (21 / 23), Inspiration Support (Red) (20 / 20), Arcane Surge Arcane Surge Support (Blue) (20 / 23), Spell Echo Spell Echo Support (Blue) (20 / 19), Awakened Cold Penetration Cold Penetration Support (Green) (3 / 20), Awakened Controlled Destruction Controlled Destruction Support (Blue) (1 / 20),

Boots: Vaal Righteous Fire Vaal Righteous Fire (Blue) (20), Herald of Ash Herald of Ash (Red) (20 / 20), Flame Dash Flame Dash (Blue) (20 / 23), Herald of Agony Herald of Agony (Green) (21 / 20), Purity of Lightning Purity of Lightning (Blue) (25),

Helmet: Precision Precision (Green) (21), Blood Magic Blood Magic Support (Red) (21), Vaal Discipline Vaal Discipline (Blue) (21), Herald of Purity Herald of Purity (Red) (20 / 20),

Gloves: Purity of Fire Purity of Fire (Red) (20), Enlighten Enlighten Support (Blue) (4 / 20), Hatred Hatred (Green) (20 / 4), Purity of Ice Purity of Ice (Green) (20),

Weapon: Herald of Ice Herald of Ice (Green) (20 / 20), Clarity Clarity (Blue) (21 / 23), Herald of Thunder Herald of Thunder (Blue) (20 / 23),

Offhand: Haste Haste (Green) (21), Wrath Wrath (Blue) (20), Zealotry Zealotry (Blue) (20 / 3),

4. Passive Skill Build

Might of the Meek Build

5. Equipment Build

Body Armour: Shavronne’s Wrappings Shavronne’s Wrappings Occultist’s Vestment

Weapon: Nebulis Nebulis Synthesised Void Sceptre

Offhand Weapon: Prism Guardian Prism Guardian Archon Kite Shield

Helmet: Crown of the Inward Eye Prophet Crown

Gloves: Maligaro’s Virtuosity Maligaro’s Virtuosity Deerskin Gloves

Boots: Doryani’s Delusion Doryani’s Delusion Sorcerer Boots

Belt: Death Bond Stygian Vise

Amulet: Carrion Pendant Turquoise Amulet

Ring: Call of the Brotherhood Call of the Brotherhood Two-Stone Ring x2

Jewel: Might of the Meek Might of the Meek Crimson Jewel, Voices Voices Large Cluster Jewel Large Cluster Jewel, Split Personality Split Personality Crimson Jewel, Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye Prismatic Jewel, etc.

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