Deep Cuts PoE Notable Passive Skill

PoE 3.11 Changes

These Cluster Jewel Notables will no longer be available: Gladiatorial Combat, Deep Cuts, Intensity, Confident Combatant, No Witnesses. Any existing notables already on jewels will be retained. Some notables or some of their effects have been moved to the passive tree, with Deep Cuts being the only exception.

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Deep Cuts Guide

Deep Cuts is a notable passive skill only found on a legacy Large Cluster Jewel Large Cluster Jewel that have certain enchantments. The notable grants additional chance to impale enemies on hit with attacks. It also grants an effect, which allows impales to last 1 additional hit.

  • 15% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
  • Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit

Deep Cuts Sources: Mods

Name Generation Type Lvl. Stats Spawn Weighting
Notable Prefix 1 1 Added Passive Skill is Deep Cuts no_attack_mods 0
no_physical_damage_mods 0
affliction_attack_damage_ 208
affliction_axe_and_sword_damage 169
affliction_mace_and_staff_damage 169
affliction_dagger_and_claw_damag 182
affliction_dagger_and_claw_damag 182
affliction_bow_damage 156
affliction_wand_damage 161
affliction_damage_with_two_hande 122
affliction_damage_with_two_hande 122
affliction_attack_damage_while_d 125
affliction_attack_damage_while_d 125
affliction_attack_damage_while_h 118
affliction_attack_damage_while_h 118
default 0

Deep Cuts Sources: Unique items

The following unique items are related to Deep Cuts:

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