No Witnesses

No Witnesses is a notable passive skill. It is located in the Shadow area of the skill tree.

  • 10% chance to gain Elusive on Kill
  • 25% increased Elusive Effect

Elusive initially grants 15% chance to Dodge Spell or Attack Hits, and 30% increased Movement Speed. The buff reduces its effect over time, removing itself at 0% effect. If you already have an Elusive buff, you cannot gain Elusive.

Anoint recipe

Amber Oil Amber Oil + Indigo Oil Indigo Oil + Golden Oil Golden Oil

No Witnesses PoE

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Elusive Buff

Elusive is a buff which grants attack and spell dodge and movement speed. It grants a large amount of dodge chance and movement speed when it is first applied, and the effectiveness of it decays over time. In most cases, you must wait for Elusive to expire before you can re-apply it at full strength.

You have increased Movement Speed, and additional chance to Dodge Attacks and Spells. This buff’s effects are reduced over time.

Elusive grants the following:

  • 15% chance to Dodge Attack Hits
  • 15% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
  • 30% increased Movement Speed

Unlike most other effects, Elusive loses its effectiveness over time, at a rate of 20% per second, and lasts until it decays to 0% effectiveness. This causes Elusive to have its duration be based on its buff effect. Modifiers to skill effect duration will not affect the duration of Elusive, but buff effects will.

You cannot refresh the effectiveness of Elusive by reapplying it. You must wait until Elusive expires to be able to reapply Elusive again. The only exception to this is Withering Step Withering Step.

No Witnesses Sources: Mods

Name Lvl. Stats Spawn Weighting
Notable 1 1 Added Passive Skill is No Witnesses affliction_chance_to_dodge_attac 294
affliction_chance_to_dodge_attac 294
default 0

No Witnesses Sources: Unique items

The following unique items are related to No Witnesses:

  • legacy Megalomaniac Megalomaniac

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