Ryslatha’s Coil PoE Build & Price – Studded Belt

Ryslatha’s Coil Ryslatha’s Coil is a unique Studded Belt. Requires Level 32. Popularity: 2%

Ryslatha’s Coil Build Stats

Ryslatha's Coil was already good for bleed builds, but lacked life. Now it has very high life AND doubled the damage increase. Seriously, it's incredible. this might be one of the best raw dps belts in the game now.

Name Ryslatha’s Coil Ryslatha’s Coil Total stats
BaseStats +(20-40) to Strength
  • +(80-100) to maximum Life
  • Gain 50 Life when you Stun Stun an Enemy
  • (30-40)% more Maximum Physical Attack Damage
  • (40-30)% less Minimum Physical Attack Damage
  • Adds 1 to (15-20) Physical Damage to Attacks
Misc (20-30)% increased Stun Stun Duration on Enemies

Ryslatha is better for bleed. For Max bleed you want to use crimson dance,multistrike, ruthless, fossil crafted weapons and ryslatha's.

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Ryslatha's Coil and Bleeding

While modifiers to attack damage itself don't apply to bleeding damage, things that modify the base damage do, and Ryslatha's Coil applies to the minimum and maximum attack damage values which are used to calculate the base damage of an attack skill. Ergo it would affect bleeds and poisons (the physical damage-based or converted portions) and ignites (for skills that convert to fire damage or can ignite otherwise).

I did a quick test in pvp a week ago where I recorded the total damage dealt by a single bleed, with ryslathas vs meginords (same flat phys pretty much).

With meginords the bleeds were quite consistent with the damage dealt whereas the variance in damage dealt was larger with ryslatha's equipped meaning it works.

However I'd recommend you test it yourself as I wasn't really accounting for the hit damage (apart from using a 1 link puncture in a white short bow). If you tested it against somebody with like 50k armour the hit would do practically 0 damage and then you could easily record the total bleed damage.

Simulation: The Effects of Ryslatha's Coil on Bleeding Damage

The consensus seems to be that Ryslatha's Coil does currently affect bleed so I've gone ahead and run some simulations to see what kind of damage boost we might expect under typical circumstances with Puncture.


  1. Attacks per second (fixed at 1.5; these builds tend to have low attack speed)

  2. Bleed duration (fixed at 11.44; this is a typical puncture duration with Unbound Ailments)

  3. Percentage of time spent attacking, used to calculate the number of concurrent stacks

  4. Damage range (fixed at 1-to-2; max roll set to twice the min roll)

  5. Ryslatha's Coil's values (fixed at 35% less and 45% more)

  6. Crimson Dance

  7. Number of samples (fixed at one million; seems to be more than enough)


  • For each sample, I first calculated the number of bleed stacks based on the attack speed, bleed duration, and percentage of time spent attacking. Non-integer values were accounted for with a chance to add an additional stack. For example, if 5.5 stacks would be active on average then 5 stacks was the base value and a random half of samples used 6.

  • One damage roll was performed for each stack. The same rolls were used for evaluating with and without the belt.

  • The best bleed roll was selected with and without the belt. When crimson dance was enabled, the best (up to) 8 stacks were summed and then divided by 6 (50% penalty plus the movement penalty; note that this value does not affect the relative difference within simulations but made the final values more comparable).

  • All results have been rounded to one decimal place because this is only a simulation.


In all tested cases, using Ryslatha's Coil resulting in increased average bleed damage. These values can be considered as more damage modifiers. The results were as follows:

Without Crimson Dance:

Stacks Damage Increase
1 stack 18.3%
2 stacks 29.0%
3 stacks 33.6%
Attacking 20% of the time (3.432 stacks) 34.7%
Attacking 30% of the time (5.148 stacks) 37.9%
Attacking 40% of the time (6.864 stacks) 39.6%
Attacking 50% of the time (8.58 stacks) 40.6%
Attacking 75% of the time (12.87 stacks) 42.0%
Attacking 100% of the time (17.16 stacks) 42.7%

With Crimson Dance:

Stacks Damage Increase
1 stack 18.3%
Attacking 20% of the time (3.432 stacks) 18.3%
Attacking 46.62% of the time (exactly 8 stacks) 18.3%
Attacking 50% of the time (8.58 stacks) 20.3%
Attacking 60% of the time (10.296 stacks) 25.1%
Attacking 70% of the time (12.012 stacks) 28.3%
Attacking 80% of the time (13.728 stacks) 30.6%
Attacking 90% of the time (15.444 stacks) 32.3%
Attacking 100% of the time (17.16 stacks) 33.7%
20 stacks 35.4%
20 stacks 35.4%
30 stacks 38.7%
40 stacks 40.4%
50 stacks 41.3%


In the outlined circumstances, you can expect the belt to add at least 18% more damage to bleeding on average. The maximum bonus is equal to the modifier on the belt (45% in this case) and you can get pretty close to that without having to spend too much time attacking when you are not using Crimson Dance. The belt is not as good for Crimson Dance unless you have quite high attack speed because many stacks are needed to approach the maximum potential.


Here's a fun summary of the interaction between Crimson Dance and Ryslatha's Coil. Notice that combining both is only worthwhile if you are able to inflict many concurrent bleed stacks. If you plan to use both then you will probably want quite a bit more attack speed than this.

You can easily calculate how many stacks you expect to have active at any given time and then lookup the relative values. The pink indicators are specifically for 1.5 attack speed with 11.44 second duration.

ryslatha's coil ancient orb

Ancient Orb is a currency item that can be used to reforge a unique item as another of the same item class in the broader sense of the term, such as "flask" instead of life/mana/hybrid/utility flask. This will also change the sockets (if any) on the item.

Good to know, and I guess you can always chance on Elder Two-Point Arrow Quivers and Studded Belts if you find them - IIRC "only" two chanceable uniques for each base, though I'm sure that means if I tried it I'd end up with Elder Asphyxia's Wrath and The Magnate. Never hurts to farm The Wretched, but quivers are a little harder to target (are they the only item type with no "random unique" divination card?) - just the beastcrafting shield/quiver recipe, and I suppose you could farm up Ancient Orbs via Zana's Harbinger mod and ... hmmn, I'll have to test the Hyrri's Bite vendor recipe to see if the item level's dependent on character level, but that should give you a 1/3 chance of getting Skirmish with an Ancient Orb on a L19-21 quiver.
(Update: Nope - the vendor recipe on a L20 character gave a L10 Hyrri's Bite, and using the four Ancient Orbs I had in SSF, turned into Rearguard(L28)=>Blackgleam(L22)=>Drillneck(L36)=>Blackgleam. I still don't understand why the Lycosidae trick works but seeming equivalents don't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

It's a shame that using a Corroded Fossil on a belt to get the "(30–40)% increased Damage with Ailments" mod blocks elemental resistances.
Edit: Oh, if it's not worth using Siege Ballista until you have Skirmish, I suppose a Kaom's Heart wouldn't be a terrible chest in the interim if you have a decently linked bow and don't mind spamming Volcano maps.

PSA catalysts work on Ryslatha’s Coil damage scaling

Just so you know the attack modifier catalyst affects the more and less damage modifiers on the Ryslatha’s Coil belt, so you can squeeze even more base damage out of that bad boy. Up to 48% more maximum and as low as 36% less minimum damage values. Very much worth it with weapons that have large variables between their base minimum and maximum hit.

Well it benefits from stunning because of the heal on stun but it’s rarely worth investing enough to stun bosses, unless you can do it consistently. It would still heal you on other mobs that you’ll stun easier.

But I think it’s a general use “god belt” for any weapon that has a low minimum hit and a high maximum hit. This increases base damage so it helps your damage scale extremely well. I’m currently using it with “The Scourge” claw and it’s greatly increased my damage.

Some time back I remember rumors of shenanigans with the Tidebreaker 2h hammer and this belt. Could be worth looking at again.

Ryslatha's Coil works on minions?

No, there's no way to make belts work on minions.

Can Ryslatha's Coil be chanced ?

It can be chanced. Check the wiki - league-restricted items can only be chanced in areas with the league flag active (typically through the paid mods on the map device), boss drops can never be chanced, and some specific uniques (e.g. ones only creatable through corruption or prophecy upgrades) can never be chanced.

Ryslatha's Coil Question

So I found a Tidebreaker and bought a Ryslatha's Coil and I'd like to build a permastunner around these two items. I won't be able to theorycraft or anything until later tonight but I was wondering if you had any cool ideas to build around these items.

Slayer is also juicy because of Overwhelm giving a 20% chance to double stun duration, always allowing that first hit to stun, and giving increased stun duration to low-health enemies.

I think Warchief Totems is better for a true stunlock build because you really need rapid hits to pull it off, since against really tough bosses you won't be able to hit anywhere near 100% stun-per-hit ratio, and if you miss one stun, the boss can move or get an attack off and that's no fun for a permastunner ;)

Though Ground Slam does have innate stun resistance reduction as well. You can get to the point where you only need to do like 3~4% of a boss's health in order to stun them guaranteed, or something like that. But if you invest that much into Stun, I'm not sure how likely it would be for you to actually pull off that much damage on the T16 bosses since they have so much health.

Ryslatha’s Coil Farming – How to get it?

You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these ways are not guaranteed. The best way to get it is through exchanging PoE currency items.

Amount Ingredient General Notes
6 The Wretched random unique belt
4 Jack in the Box random unique item
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted unique item


Drop level 32
Sell Price:
Item class: Belts

Studded Belt Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
The Magnate The Magnate 16
Ryslatha’s Coil Ryslatha’s Coil 32
The Tactician The Tactician 48
The Nomad The Nomad 48

Ryslatha's Coil Version history

PoE 3.5.0

  • Now grants 80-100 Life, 30-40% (up from 20%) less minimum Damage and 30-40% (up from 20%) more maximum Damage.
  • Existing versions can be updated to these new values with a Divine Orb, but this doesn't add the life bonus.

PoE 2.6.0

  • It was introduced to the Path of Exile.

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