A basic overview of NBA 2K22

The introduction of ultimate team in EA Games has led to the development of game mode based on transaction card / collection in most sports games. NBA 2K is the same as myteam.

As with any game, game playing method, player collection and format are also different. With so many options available, it can be hard to know what to play, which players to target, which packs to buy – or not.

So that’s the essence. Here are all the skills you need to succeed in NBA 2K22 myteam.

Game player

As with every trade card model, there seems to be a myriad of players. Each player has a different version, a different card playing program throughout the season, each with its own focus.

What type of team you want to build can complicate everything. You may want to focus on small balls and shots, or you may want to build a body team that dominates the paint area and surpasses the opponent’s muscles.

In this case, it’s easier for you to know which properties to locate. Each player has many attributes that affect the game in different ways, but some attributes have a greater impact. No matter what your style, we believe these are the factors that have the greatest impact on your myteam.

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Point guard

For PG, generally speaking, they will be responsible for many game making. You may want someone who can consume two-thirds, but that’s something you can prioritize elsewhere without destroying the money. As long as your PG has a good level of play, you should be good.

This is particularly important in terms of passing accuracy. Other levels, such as pass and pass intelligence, are not as important as your control of the player – if you have a good vision, you can make a sharp pass as long as the PG pass is accurate.

Point guard

The clue is the name. Of course, you want someone who can score. Any shooting guard with a good shooting percentage will be worth your visit. If he’s not an offensive threat, what’s the real advantage of him?

In addition, they will be responsible for defending other SGS, so perimeter defense should be a priority. This level will maximize your game experience in terms of defense.

Small forward

Small forwards can move in different directions, but I tend to pay more attention to their inner scoring, outer scoring and outer defense.

On the offensive side, balanced scoring is a great asset. If you stick to these priorities, having an SF that you can and can do can lead to a mismatch with the players who defend them. Attributes such as layup scores, foul scores, and other shot scores are the attributes you should focus on.

Defensively, you’ll have bigger players in paint and defense, so having SF that focuses on perimeter defense, lateral speed and pass perception can be big.

Power forward

Here, you can start to focus on internal scoring, defense and rebounding. Anything else is a reward.

If you want to create a three-point record, it might be great to have a pf that performs well from the outside but not so well from the inside, but it could leave a big gap for the team.

If you have a good pf here, rebounding can be a huge advantage both in attack and defense.


Like your PF, you should focus on the strong, rebounding, interior defense, blocking and interior scoring centers. If you can check all of these boxes, any other benefits they bring are huge.

With many players, you can play the game in many ways. These are my three game modes to help you.


There are several reasons why rule is great.

By playing games, you can get a lot of experience and rewards. Also, you can choose the difficulty of each game. Obviously, the more difficult it is, the greater the reward.

The purpose is to collect stars that can be added to the bonus. In the first game of rookie difficulty, you’ll get 375 nba 2K22 mt coins , three team cards and a team logo, as well as a star with a total reward.

If you finish the game in the all star game, the reward will be up to 625 MT, three team cards, the evolution players and three stars that can be upgraded in the team.

If you get 99 stars, you can earn a total of 36 tokens, tens of thousands of MT and 91 ovr Sam Jones SG / SF. Gaining 33 stars in ’20 rule will unlock historical rule, where 33 stars will unlock historical rule.

Between these three, you can accommodate a large number of MT, a large number of players, evolutionary cards, tokens and a rich game experience.

Triple threat online / offline

Triple thread is the ideal game mode for anyone looking for fast games and continuing to get instant rewards.

You can play online or offline games. You can play 3-on-3 basketball, get 21 points first, and get all kinds of total winning rewards, climbing all the way to 1000 wins.

Rewards vary from tokens to packs , from MT to specific players. For example, if you win 50 times, you will get 88 ovr Darius miles.

It’s particularly important for this game mode that you can play against your opponents according to the quality of your team. If you have 80 ovr lineups, then you will be competing against 80 ovrs. This is great for getting your feet wet and getting a meaningful reward in the process.

Focus on challenges

Spotlight challenges can be found under weekly challenges and, like tto, are well suited for many types of rewards.

Currently, there are five separate threads for spotlight challenge. Each thread will reward the evolution version of spotlight player (Dwayne Wade, Kevin Garnett, Clyde Drexler, Dirk Nowitzki, Isiah Thomas), and two other players, 24500 MT and nine tokens.

Challenges escalate, but as the work progresses, the team immediately receives rewards to improve your team. In addition, the evolution card means that you can improve your best card without worrying about saving money for the players, just losing the MT when you release a better version.

Play, play, play more

The final tip is to immerse yourself in myteam. For some reason, it’s called “grinding,” but it’s worth it.

In the beginning, the challenge is to soak your feet, form a strong team and make money for the auction house or the auction house (if you like). From there, you should do your best.

The more patterns you use, the more challenges you face, the better you will be, and the stronger your team will be.

Most importantly, it will help you find your own style. Although there are specific attributes suitable for each position, you can find your own style through a lot of challenges with many different players, which will tell you which basketball style and lineup is suitable for your game style.

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