PoE Ultimatum Challenge:

  • Complete all waves of the Survive types of Ultimatum encounters.
  • Complete Inscribed Ultimatum Inscribed Ultimatums with Survive Challenges in areas with an area level of 81 or higher.

Survive Ultimatum Encounters

Challenge Faild

One of the following situations means Survive failed:

  • You die.
  • Stay outside of the circle over 4 seconds
  • Receive 7 stacks of Ruin

The Ultimatum is failed and all rewards will be removed.

Movement Speed is king

To survive, movement speed is king. This is the easiest encounter in Ultimatum.

Increase your movement speed by using Boots mods, Flask, Skill gems, etc. There is no cap on movement speed.

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Quicksilver Flask

For low level players, Quicksilver Flask is one of the best choices. It incrases 40% movement speed.

Also, Silver Flask – Onslaught grants 20% Movement Speed

Boots Mods

(20-30)% increase movement speed is enough.

Mods Name Stats
Hellion’s 35% increased Movement Speed
Cheetah’s 30% increased Movement Speed
Gazelle’s 25% increased Movement Speed
Stallion’s 20% increased Movement Speed

Seven-League Step Seven-League Step: 50% increased Movement Speed.

Skill Gems

Phase Run Phase Run grants increased movement speed by (30-39)%.

Teleport skill gems are also good choice.

Completion rate by encounter type

Let's move on and take a look at completion rate by encounter type.

Encounter Type Completion Rate
(Level 2-72)
Completion Rate
(Level 73-77)
Completion Rate
(Level 78+)
Defeat Monsters 82.68% 82.18% 84.88%
Survive 80.62% 81.05% 82.79%
Stone Circles 76.34% 77.40% 75.86%
Defend the Altar 82.18% 84.19% 86.83%

So, the first thing you'll likely have noticed is the completion rate of Stone Circle encounters. It has the lowest completion rate of any of the encounter types and it's not even close. This encounter type either forces players to stand still for brief periods of time or can last a long time if players are running quick paths through the Stone Circles, giving more time for something to go wrong and lead to an untimely death.

The easiest encounter type is the Defend the Altar encounter. This is fairly expected as not all of the monsters are trying to kill you; they're instead trying to destroy an altar, giving you a bit of extra breathing room during the encounter.

As with wave completion rates, for the most part we see increasing completion rates for each encounter type as the area level gets higher.

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