Stand in the Stone Circles

Stand in the Stone Circles

Stand in the Stone Circles Strategy

Tips: You don’t have to stand in the Stone Circles and stay in it until it’s done. You can just stand in it and move over, then go jump in the next one. Stay in it until you don’t feel safe and then move into the next one.

If you do learn that you can just move around and you don’t have to stay still in that one, it becomes significantly easier now.

PoE 3.14.1 update: Stand in the Stone Circle Ultimatum encounters now have larger circles. Monsters in the "Stand in the Stone Circle" Ultimatum encounters have had their experience and drops improved to bring them more into line with other Ultimatum encounters.

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Completion rate by encounter type

Let's move on and take a look at completion rate by encounter type.

Encounter Type Completion Rate
(Level 2-72)
Completion Rate
(Level 73-77)
Completion Rate
(Level 78+)
Defeat Monsters 82.68% 82.18% 84.88%
Survive 80.62% 81.05% 82.79%
Stone Circles 76.34% 77.40% 75.86%
Defend the Altar 82.18% 84.19% 86.83%

So, the first thing you'll likely have noticed is the completion rate of Stone Circle encounters. It has the lowest completion rate of any of the encounter types and it's not even close. This encounter type either forces players to stand still for brief periods of time or can last a long time if players are running quick paths through the Stone Circles, giving more time for something to go wrong and lead to an untimely death.

The easiest encounter type is the Defend the Altar encounter. This is fairly expected as not all of the monsters are trying to kill you; they're instead trying to destroy an altar, giving you a bit of extra breathing room during the encounter.

As with wave completion rates, for the most part we see increasing completion rates for each encounter type as the area level gets higher.

Challenge Faild

One of the following situations means Stand in the Stone Circles failed:

  • You do not stand in each stone circle for a certain period of time.
  • You die.
  • Stay outside of the circle over 4 seconds
  • Receive 7 stacks of Ruin

The Ultimatum is failed and all rewards will be removed.

Do not choose multiple options

Choosing multiple options is the worst option.

You on average should really be choosing the same option and stacking up the same option over and over again. These stacked-up modifiers are significantly less dangerous than dealing with three separate modifiers at the same time.

As you're getting up towards these like nine or ten waves, you could just have three, and that makes it significantly easier.

How to choose Mods

Ground effects like the Choking Miasma tend to be significantly easier than all of the other ones. This is almost one of the easiest ones in the whole mechanic. See these mods and you should choose every single time.

Movement speed and recovery

Movement speed is very important and recovery is very important as well.


PoE Ultimatum Challenge:

  • Complete all waves of the Stand in the Stone Circles types of Ultimatum encounters.
  • Complete Inscribed Ultimatums with the Stand in the Stone Circles Challenges in areas with an area level of 81 or higher.

Stand in the Stone Circles

You do not need to stand in this stone circle the entire time. Stand in and Move over, Then jump in the next one.

Being run in circles, choose ground effects and stack up the same effects over and over again, so that you have less total things that you need to deal with.

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