The Ascetic Build Guide & Price – PoE Gold Amulet

The Ascetic The Ascetic is a unique Gold Amulet. Requires Level: 8. Popularity: <0.1%.

The Ascetic Build Stats

Name The Ascetic The Ascetic Total stats
Rarity of Items
  • (12-20)% increased Rarity of Items found
  • (92-120)% increased Rarity of Items found with a Normal Item Equipped
Quantity of Items (10-15)% increased Quantity of Items found with a Magic Item Equipped

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PoE The Ascetic Price

In the PoE currency trade marketplace, the price of The Ascetic The Ascetic Gold Amulet is an 3 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs.

PoE The Ascetic Price

The price of The Ascetic The Ascetic Gold Amulet is 3 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs.

The Ascetic Farming – How to get it?

The Ambitious Bandit III is a prophecy. It is a part of The Ambitious Bandit prophecy chain.
Objective: Kill the bandits in The Library.
Reward: The last bandit drops The Ascetic The Ascetic.

PoE The Ascetic Build Guide

Recommend Skill: Winter Orb Winter Orb. Support skill gems: Greater Multiple Projectiles Greater Multiple Projectiles, Concentrated Effect Concentrated Effect, Infused Channelling Infused Channelling, Increased Critical Strikes Increased Critical Strikes, and Hypothermia Hypothermia.

Body armour recommend: Inpulsa’s Broken Heart Inpulsa’s Broken Heart Sadist Garb. Evasion Rating: 512, Energy Shield: 106, +78 to maximum Life. 48% increased Damage if you have Shocked an Enemy Recently, 40% increased Effect of Shock.

Gloves: Sadima’s Touch Sadima’s Touch Wool Gloves. Adds 4 to 8 Fire Damage to Attacks, Adds 1 to 13 Lightning Damage to Attacks
+18 to maximum Energy Shield, 10% increased Quantity of Items found.

PoE The Ascetic Build

Main Skills

Skills Percent
Winter Orb Winter Orb 33.00%
Tornado Shot Tornado Shot 11.00%
Elemental Hit Elemental Hit 11.00%
Ice Shot Ice Shot 11.00%
Barrage Barrage 11.00%
Storm Brand Storm Brand 11.00%
Soulrend Soulrend 11.00%
Blink Arrow Blink Arrow 11.00%

Keystones / Ascendency

Passive Skills Percent
Acrobatics 56.00%
Elemental Overload 44.00%
Phase Acrobatics 33.00%
Beacon of Ruin 33.00%
Shaper of Desolation 33.00%
Endless Munitions 22.00%
Far Shot 22.00%
Gathering Winds 22.00%
Mind Over Matter 22.00%
Mastermind of Discord 22.00%
Pendulum of Destruction 22.00%
Avatar of Fire 11.00%
Eldritch Battery 11.00%


Bow 33.00%
Dual Wands 33.00%
Dagger / Shield 11.00%
Dual Maces 11.00%
Mace / Shield 11.00%


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

Gold Amulet Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
The Ignomon The Ignomon 8
Demigod’s Presence Demigod’s Presence 8
Winterheart Winterheart 42
The Ascetic The Ascetic 8
Bisco’s Collar Bisco’s Collar 30
The Effigon The Effigon 57
Perquil’s Toe Perquil’s Toe 29

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