Uhtred, Covetous Traitor

There are four bosses in the expedition league: (Medved, Feller of Heroes), (Vorana, Last to Fall), (Uhtred, Covetous Traitor), and (Olroth, Origin of the Fall).

Sometimes, you can find one of them in an Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook. The following is the boss icon in the logbook.

Name Icon & Symbols
Expedition Boss

Here is an example of the boss icon. You must circle the boss into your explosive range.

Expedition Boss Location

Uhtred, Covetous Traitor Location

Location: Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook(Order of the Chalice)

Sub area: Precursor Shrine

Bosses Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook Bosses Spawn Search NPC Faction Name Icon Artifacts Drops
Uhtred, Covetous Traitor
Min Level: 75
Sub area: Precursor Shrine

Search Order of the Chalice from Path of Exile Trade website.

  • Stat Filters: Area contains an Expedition Boss (#)
  • Change "Any" to "Uhtred, Covetous Traitor"
Rog Order of the Chalice Order of the Chalice Lesser Order Artifact Lesser Order Artifact
Common Order Artifact Common Order Artifact
Greater Order Artifact Greater Order Artifact
Grand Order Artifact Grand Order Artifact
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal

Uhtred, Covetous Traitor Location

Warning: if your aim is to kill the Uhtred boss, it is recommended that don't put Remnant Mods before the boss, because the boss will inherit all the Mods before him. In that way, the boss is too strong to kill.

According to your builds, you should avoid one of the below mods. For example, if your main DPS is Fire damage, you must avoid "Monsters are Immune to Fire Damage". In case you have selected, the monsters will be unkillable.

  • Monsters are Immune to Physical Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Cold Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Fire Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Lightning Damage
  • Monsters are Immune to Chaos Damage

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Uhtred, Covetous Traitor

Uhtred, Covetous Traitor

  • Sound composer: Dominic

I was able to get started on Uhtred early in league development and with him being a pile of rotting flesh, old rags and metallic armour, I made Uhtred’s movement audio sound as gritty and horrific as I could. With deliberate audio processing and great voice acting, his dialogue sounds painful and fatigued. Designing his spell casts and other effects, I used abstract sounding synthesis and samples along with heavy distortion to start as a base for some building blocks. Building blocks are custom assets that we create to help us form a sound palette for particular things. These assets sounded rough, but I did this intentionally knowing that with some cleaning up using iZotope RX and Oeksound’s Soothe2 I would create some really unique, dark and gritty magical elements for Uhtred’s skills. This technique of distorting and deliberately over-compressing audio crucially followed up with intense clean-up is a great way to design unique sounds that work really well as tonal magical elements, which were perfect for Uhtred.

Fight Uhtred, Covetous Traitor Guide

Path of Exile: Expedition challenge: Defeat the Uhtred, Covetous Traitor boss.


Level Name Experience Damage Attack Time Life Armour Evasion Energy Shield Resists Fire Resists Cold Resists Lightning Resists Chaos
83 Uhtred, Covetous Traitor 4344733 6428.7 1.5 65887944 15319 8241 0 50 50 50 30

PoE Challenge: Defeat Uhtred Conditionally (4)

Complete each of the following encounters.

  • Defeat Uhtred, Covetous Traitor without any player being affected by Glimpse of Infinity or Indifference of the Cosmos.
  • Defeat Uhtred, Covetous Traitor while affected by Glimpse of Infinity.
  • Defeat Uhtred, Covetous Traitor while affected by Indifference of the Cosmos.
  • Defeat Uhtred, Covetous Traitor without any player colliding with any Seeking Stars.

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