The Megalomaniac Bronze Stalker Sentinel - Path of Exile

The Megalomaniac Bronze Stalker Sentinel

The Megalomaniac

The Megalomaniac is a unique Bronze Stalker Sentinel. Sentinel. Duration: 30 seconds. Empowers: 25 enemies. Empowerment: 10. Charge: 10/10.

Requires Level 5.

  • (30–50)% increased Duration
  • Empowers +(70–100) Enemies
  • Empowered Enemies do not drop Items
  • Empowered Enemies cannot gain Rewards
  • Empowered Monsters grant (800–1200)% increased Sentinel Power
  • local sentinel drone difficulty + [0]

Flavour Text: In the wake of tyranny, The battlefields have been left barren.

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Unlike other Sentinels, this does not grant any rewards and its primary function is to boost up the Sentinel Controller's Sentinel Power up quickly, useful for new accounts/characters.

Item acquisition

The Megalomaniac is drop disabled.