The Blackened Temple — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 The Blackened Temple

The Blackened Temple is a quest in Act 3. Not required if you can get into the Durance of Hate, but if you can not, then this quest must be completed.

Given: Given by Ormus after completing the Lam Esen's Tome Quest or by entering the Kurast Causeway.
Triggered By: Completing Quest Four or entering the Kurast Causeway
Location: Travincal
Tips: Search Travincal.
Description: Ormus tells you that you have done well. Your courage and valor are an inspiration. But now the time has come to face those responsible for the evil that has stifled the land. You must destroy the High Council of Zakarum! Long ago, these elders were charged with the stewardship of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, who was imprisoned within the Guardian Tower. Through the generations, these pious men slowly fell more and more under the sway of Mephisto's malevolent power and the Council became an evil mockery of its former glory.
Rewards: No reward, other than being able to enter the Durance of Hate.

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Quest Walkthrough

Great news! If you’ve finished the Khalim's Will quest, you’ve finished this quest. All you need to do is take down every member of the Council, which you have to do to get Khalim’s Flail.

To complete the quest you must smash the Compelling Orb with Khalim's Will. The final item of the Will is Khalim's Flail, and it's dropped by one of the High Council. You will find three of them there.

There are six members of the Zakarum High Council. Over the centuries they have been the heads of the Zakarum religion, charged with their holy duty of guarding the imprisoned Lord of Hatred, Mephisto. However they have turned to evil over the years, and been corrupted by Mephisto's influence. The six are now his servants, transformed by his demonic powers into disfigured and fearsome demons. You find three of them in Travincal, and three more on the third level of the Durance of Hate.

In Travincal you'll see Ismail Vilehand, Geleb Flamefinger, and Toorc Icefist. These guys are like extra powerful random boss monsters, they all have two preset modifiers, and gain another one on Nightmare and two on Hell. They can raise Hydras and heal themselves, so be prepared for a wild battle.

Once you defeat the one that drops the Flail, you can smash the Compelling Orb. Once it is destroyed the normal Zakarum will all run from you, rather than attacking. The Orb was "compelling" them to evil, but with it smashed they are free and don't want to fight. Any remaining High Council or their minions will still attack though, as will other monsters, such as the Dark Lords you see in Travincal.


Use the terrain around Travincal to your advantage. There are numerous areas with ledges and other things the High Council can't leap over to get to you, and if you have a ranged attack you can hit them from safety, aside from the Hydras they'll raise to shoot you.

Travincal is always the same layout, so learn it, and you'll know where the safe spots are, where the waypoint is (over to the upper left). Dark Lords abound in Travincal, and they can see you right through the walls of the temples, and call down Meteors. If you are being bombed by Meteors and can't see the attacker, try running into whatever temples are nearby and looking in the corners.

You don't need to smash the Compelling Orb if another player gives you a town portal into the Durance of Hate, but you must kill the Council in Travincal before you can use such a town portal.

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