Lam Esen’s Tome — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Lam Esen’s Tome

Lam Esen’s Tome is a quest in Act 3. Not required, but most do it to get the bonus stat points.

Given: Given by Alkor after completion of the Blade of the Old Religion. You must also have entered the Kurast Bazaar before the quest will trigger.
Triggered By: Completing Quest Two, or entering the Ruined Temple
Location: Ruined Temple in the Kurast Bazaar
Tips: The Tome is always in the Ruined Temple.
Description: Alkor tells you there is a very special book you must find for him. It was written long ago by a sage known as Lam Esen, who studied Skatsimi magic and the effects of the Prime Evils on the mortal world. The Black Book was lost when the Children of Zakarum took over this land. Now, you must reclaim it without delay! Its knowledge may aid us in this dark time ahead.
Rewards: Five stat points

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Lam Esen's Tome can always be found within the Ruined Temple in the Kurast Bazaar. It will not be found in any other dungeon, so the player has the option to skip exploring the other temples. The Tome is guarded by a Super Unique Flesh Hunter boss called Battlemaid Sarina. On the Automap, it should become pretty easily seen soon after entering the temple.

Lam Esen's Tome item

Lam Esen's Tome (Item) is a Quest Item for Lam Esen's Tome quest. It can be obtained at Ruined Temple by finding it in one of the dungeons.

It permanently adds 5 Attribute Points when used.

Quest: Lam Esen's Tome Lam Esen's Tome is the fourth quest in Act III. It's initiated by talking to Alkor after completing the Blade of the Old Religion quest and after having entered the Kurast Bazaar, or simply by entering one of the six temples in the Kurast Bazaar, Upper Kurast or Kurast Causeway. The quest is completed after players return Lam Esen's Tome to Alkor, who will then reward the player with five free attribute points.
Location: Ruined Temple
  • Lam Esen's Tome (Item) is found in one of the dungeons in the Ruined Temple.
  • Lam Esen's Tome (Item) must be given to Alkor to complete the Lam Esen's Tome quest. In reward Alkor will grant you 5 attribute points.

Diablo 2 Lam Esen's Tome

Ruined Temple

The Ruined Temple is a dungeon found in the Kurast Bazaar, Act III, Diablo II. Lam Esen's Tome can be found inside.

It is the only of the abandoned temples in Kurast to come in three different variations: all others only have two.

Quest Walkthrough

Finishing this quest will require a bit of back-tracking. When you enter Kurast for the first time, you can go talk to Alkor. He will ask you to search the six tombs in Upper Kurast, the Bazaar, and the Causeway. Fortunately, we know that you only need to go into the Ruined Temple which is in the Bazaar. Inside, you’ll eventually meet up with Battlemaid Sarina. It’s recommended to clear everything else out before taking her on as you don’t want to be overwhelmed. That said, if you’ve dealt with everything Quest 3 had to offer, you should be fine.

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