Why was Eramir exiled?

A memory found in the Archives may shed some light on this:

“I used to pride myself on taking care of these tomes, but the ancient treatises concerning the Vaal… should be burned. He’s making me research for him, and the things I am reading about concern the destruction of all mankind.”

“I would think my fears of the end of the world are ridiculous… except… it’s happened before. I must run… I must flee… and take my secrets with me.”

Zana had this to say about that memory: “I’ve never met him directly, but I think I know whose memory this was. It’s someone Helena talks about: Eramir. I believe he lives with the Azmeri now.” It should be noted that Zana knew Eramir when she was very young, having called him ‘Uncle Eramir’ on at least one occasion, so she is likely correct that this was his memory. However, Zana never met him as an adult, so there’s no way to be sure.

If it was indeed Eramir’s memory, the ‘he’ that was making him research would definitely have been Dominus.

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