Defeat Terror of the Infinite Drifts in Desert Spring Map

PoE Challenge: Defeat Terror of the Infinite Drifts in Desert Spring Map while you have 10 stacks of Quicksand.

Terror of the Infinite Drifts

The Terror of the Infinite Drifts, based on the Shakari, Queen of the Sands fight in Act 9. After reducing the boss’s HP to about 2/3rd’s, she burrows under the sand, forcing the player to follow her in a narrow walkway filled with quicksand and spawning scorpions while her tail attacks you with Sunder Sunder, ultimately leading her to the new boss arena, which is also filled with quicksand.

Her attacks include:

  • Burrowing under the ground and unburrowing shortly afterwards
  • charging and unleashing a large AoE attack that deals massive damage
  • swiping her tail in large cleave around her, granting a debuff to the player that creates purple poison clouds around the player

In Phase Two she can also:

  • Perform multiple burrows and unburrows in a row
  • Burrow and become untargetable while her tail uses Sunder Sunder

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Location Desert Spring Map
Level 71
Effects from modifiers Monster gives 100% increased Experience on death (Hidden)
1500% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
2000% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
Skills Melee
Life 1.393E+06
Damage 2175
Attacks per second 2.25
Critical strike chance 5.00
Armour rating 6894
Evasion rating 5258
Accuracy rating 326
Fire Cold Lightning Chaos
1-5 15 15 15 7
5-10 30 30 30 20
10- 40 40 40 25
Experience 1.423E+05
Metadata id Metadata/Monsters/Shakari/Shakari2Map

Desert Spring Map

The map tileset is based on The Oasis in Act 9. The layout is open, with a small body of water in the middle surrounded by trees. There are some leftover campgrounds acting as obstacles. The boss arena is located at the far end of the map in relative position to the start.

Region Upgrades Chart
Upgrade Level 0 1 2 3 4
Tier 4 8 11 13 15
Map Level 71 75 78 80 82
Acid Caverns Map (Harvest)
Alleyways Map (Harvest)
Caldera Map (Harvest)
Ghetto Map (Harvest)
Moon Temple Map (Harvest)
Shrine Map (Harvest)

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