Sigil of Power

Sigil of Power Sigil of Power places a Sigil on the ground, which grants a buff to you and allies in the area around it for a duration. The Sigil gains stages as you spend mana in its area, making the buff more powerful. You can only have one Sigil of Power at a time.

It requires Level 70, 155 Int. Tag: Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning

  • Base duration is 12.00 seconds
  • Gains a Stage when you Spend a total of 400 Mana while in Area
  • 10% increased Mana Cost of your Skills while in Area
  • 10% increased Area of Effect
  • Enemies in Area deal 19% less Damage while at maximum Stages
  • Maximum 4 Stages
  • Buff grants 7 to 141 Added Lightning Damage per Stage

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Superior Sigil of Power

Sigil of Power Build Guide

Sigil of Power creates a potent circle on the ground that grants additional lightning damage to you and allies standing within it, while also slightly increasing the cost of your skills. As you spend mana, the skill powers up in stages. Each stage grants more additional lightning damage. Once it’s fully powered up, it also causes enemies standing within the circle to deal less damage.

Sigil of Power

This skill offers a way to empower your abilities while facing a difficult boss, providing additional damage when you need it. Its defensive properties can be really beneficial when you’re able to keep the boss within the Sigil or against bosses that remain in one place.

Support Gems

Like the other spells mentioned above, this ability has a long cooldown and can take advantage of Second Wind if you’d like to. Increasing its area and duration also works well to extend the reach and lifetime of your powered Sigils. It works well alongside skills with the Archmage support to increase their mana cost, but other spellcast builds usually spend enough mana to fully charge up the Sigil.

Alternate Quality

Default 10% increased Area of Effect
Alternate Quality 1 Maximum -1 Stages
Alternate Quality 2 Buff Grants 20% chance to Shock enemies
Alternate Quality 3 10% reduced Mana Cost of your Skills while in Area
Buff Grants 20% increased Spell Damage

Sigil of Power Build Example

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