PoE Harvest Seed Cache

Seed Cache contains seeds which can be planted in the Sacred Grove.

PoE Seeds Cache

Seeds Growth Cycle

Clicking a Seed Cache, it advances a growth cycle and drops Tier 1 seeds.

Seed cache drops seeds

Seed Cache Location

In the Harvest league, each zone will contain a seed cache.

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The Sacred Grove

If entered from a zone, the Sacred Grove will be part of the instance you entered from, which means map modifiers and such will apply within the Grove as well.

Entering the Sacred Grove from a different zone or from the waypoint will create a new instance of the Sacred Grove, so do not enter the Grove from anywhere other than how you first spawned it, or you will lose any unfinished harvests.

Seed Stockpile in Hideout

You can put a Seed Stockpile in your hideout.

Seed Stockpile

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