Resistance Honors System

The Resistance honors system has been added.

Players who have reached the maximum Resistance rank can receive honors to further increase their strength when undertaking duties in Save the Queen areas.


After reaching Resistance rank 25 and completing the quest “???,” speak with the Resistance councilor in Zadnor (X:35.7 Y:34.9).

Receiving Honors

After amassing sufficient mettle, players can speak with the Resistance councilor to receive proofs of mettle. These may then be exchanged for three varieties of Resistance honors: Suns of Fortitude, Suns of Valor, or Suns of Succor.

Receiving Honors FFXIV

The number of proofs in your possession can be confirmed at any time via the HUD.

Resistance Honors System FFXIV

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Sun of Fortitude Increases maximum HP.
Sun of Valor Increases damage dealt.
Sun of Succor Increases healing potency.

Up to ten of each honor can be held at any time. The more of these honors in your possession, the greater their effect.

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