User Interface Changes - Path of Exile

User Interface Changes 3.19

  • The Map Device now remembers which Map Crafting option you last used, and is automatically selected if it is available and you have the relevant currency.
  • Highlighting a mastery on the passive skill tree now highlights all masteries of the same type.
  • Added the ability to select which microtransaction tier to display as the maximum tier for relevant equipped microtransactions. For example, you can choose to have a semi-jacked Maroider as the highest displayed tier, rather than absolutely jacked Maroider.
  • The 'SetTextColor' Alpha value in Item Filters now also affects the transparency of Sockets on dropped items.
  • In this expansion, there's an option that centres many gameplay elements of the UI on widescreen displays.

User Interface Changes 3.18

  • Added options to the hideout decorations user interface that control who is able to access your hideout Portals: All party members, friends, friends or guildmates, or only you.
  • When selecting a Map for a Favoured Map Slot, you are now able to click on one of your existing Favoured Map Slots to select that same Map.
  • The Vaal Temple Map and some Unique Maps not found on the Atlas now have their Map Stash Tab slots hidden by default until you store one of these Maps.
  • If you don't have Flask or Map Stash Tab Affinity, or tabs with those affinities are full, Unique Maps will now fall back on the Unique Stash Tab Affinity.
  • If you don't have Delirium or Blight Stash Tab Affinity, or tabs with those affinities are full, Delirious Maps and Blighted Maps will instead fall back on the Map Affinity.
  • The Unique Stash Tab search filter can now be used to search the modifiers on stored Unique Items.
  • Renamed the "Influence" section of the Currency Stash Tab to "Exotic".
  • Tweaked the display of various currency items in the Default Loot Filter.
  • More user interface changes and quality-of-life improvements will be revealed in upcoming news posts.

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User Interface Changes 3.17

  • The Map Stash Tab map series behaviour has been changed. You can once again set all of your Map Stash Tabs to old map series if you choose. All of your purchased Map Stash Tabs that were not explicitly set to an older map series will now be set to remove-only and replaced with empty current map series Map Stash Tabs when a new map series is released. You can now promote a remove-only Map Stash Tab to be active, provided you have an empty active Map Stash Tab for it to replace.
  • Added a section to the Map Stash Tab for storing Conqueror, Elder and Shaper Guardian Maps.
  • Added an option to visually hide your life and mana reservation, so your actual usable life and mana are scaled to fill your entire orbs. This can be found in the UI Options, under Gameplay.
  • Showing Advanced Mod Descriptions is not any option any more, it is now always on.
  • The Advanced Mod Descriptions of an item will now display the English name of base item types and Unique items when playing Path of Exile in languages other than English.

User Interface Improvements 3.16

  • Increased how far you can zoom in/out on the Passive Skill Tree.
  • Added a search field to the Expedition Locker to allow the filtering of stored Logbooks.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Click on Zana, Master Cartographer in your Hideout now brings up the Purchase Items interface, instead of the Atlas.
  • The Skill Bar has been tweaked to fit Skill Icons a bit more nicely.
  • The Skill Bar User Interface will now display if a Skill has dealt a Critical Strike when you have the Elemental Overload Keystone allocated.
  • Added a slot for the Sacred Orb to the Currency Stash Tab. The slot for Perandus Coins is now hidden until you add one of these coins.
  • Added slots for Breach Blessings, Flawless Breachstones, and Unrelenting Timeless Emblems to the Fragment Stash Tab.
  • Added designated slots for Delirious Maps to the Delirium Stash Tab.
  • Slots for Alchemical Resonators in the Delve Stash Tab are now hidden until you store one of these.

User Interface Changes 3.15

  • Non-damaging Elemental Ailments applied to you or Enemies now display their effect.
  • The tooltip in the Skill bar and Character Panel for Righteous Fire now displays Damage per Second.
  • Added support for Stash Tab Affinities to the Heist Locker and the new Expedition Locker. Once an affinity has been set up at a locker, ctrl+clicking an applicable item from your inventory into your stash will always send it directly to the appropriate Locker, regardless of whether you have the locker open.
  • Added 4 new free Coloured Mouse Cursor variations.
  • Added Default Mouse Cursor and Cursor Size settings under the UI Options category. Your Default Mouse Cursor will be used in Character select and in-game (if you have a Cursor Microtransaction equipped, this will be used in-game).
  • All free Cursor variations are now equipped through the UI Options, instead of the Cosmetics Panel.
  • Added a “Show Bars” toggle setting for Performance Metric Graph Details, under the Graphics Options category.
  • The “Advanced Mod Descriptions” setting has been moved from the Chat category to the UI category in Options.
  • Added a warning for when you try to replace an existing enchantment with another through specific Harvest crafting options.
  • The Rage Indicator Bar now updates more quickly.
  • The “/recheck_achievements” Chat command will now grant missing Microtransaction Challenge Rewards if you are missing any.
  • Added new options for controlling item drop sounds in Item Filters: CustomAlertSoundOptional, DisableDropSoundIfAlertSound, and EnableDropSoundIfAlertSound.

User Interface Changes 3.14

  • The Epilogue section of the World Screen (U) now contains sections for the Conquerors and Maven quest lines.
  • The Conquerors of the Atlas quest line now has expandable sections in the quest tracker, similar to The Maven quest line.
  • Attack Skill Gems no longer display "Deals x% of Base Damage" as a modifier. This information can now be found near the top of the gem description when hovering over the gem.
  • A single item can now be unstacked from a stack of items on your cursor by pressing Shift + Left Click.
  • Copying an item's description with Ctrl + C now also copies the Item Class.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt + C now copies the Advanced Modifier Descriptions on an item.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Click on Jun, Veiled Master now brings up the Unveil Items interface.
  • Added a File Cache Directory UI option, which can be used to change the directory where cache files for the game are stored.
  • Moved the List of Item Filters UI option closer to the top of the UI options menu.
  • You can now use ! as a prefix to a term (such as "!unique" or "Sword !Increased Physical Damage") to filter results in a search field (such as your stash) to display results that don't contain the specified search term.
  • Improved the SSF migration warning.

User Interface Changes 3.13

  1. The quest tracker now supports expandable sections. You’ll probably see this during the new Atlas storyline. It has a lot of sub-quests.
  2. Your friends list once more displays offline friends in the order in which they were last online, rather than alphabetically.
  3. You can now set the relative volume of a CustomAlertSound in an Item Filter.
  4. You can now filter Cluster Jewels by the number of small passives they have in your Item Filter.
  5. Kirac no longer displays Zana’s decoration level in his dialogue panel.
  6. You are now warned, when changing your Hideout while you have map portals open, that doing so will destroy those portals.

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