PoE Sanctum Floors

Floor Bosses

Sanctum Archives Contains Varakath, the Waxen
Sanctum Vaults Contains Braom and Uzar, the Experiments
Sanctum Cathedral Contains Xenathar, Templar Reaper
Sanctum Necropolis Contains Lycia, Unholy Heretic

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List of Sanctum Floors

Sanctum ArchivesAbandoned Library
Sanctum ArchivesTemplar Annals
Sanctum ArchivesChambers of Inscription
Sanctum ArchivesHoly Trials
Sanctum ArchivesScriptorium
Sanctum ArchivesCandlelit Chapel
Sanctum ArchivesMerchantContains Merchant
Sanctum ArchivesAccursed PactContains Accursed Pact
Sanctum ArchivesFountainContains Fountain
Sanctum ArchivesAfflicted FountainContains Afflicted Fountain
Sanctum ArchivesBenevolent FountainContains Benevolent Fountain
Sanctum ArchivesRadiant FountainContains Radiant Fountain
Sanctum ArchivesOfferOffers Items on Completion
Sanctum ArchivesMajor TreasureContains Major Treasure Reward
Sanctum ArchivesMinor TreasureContains Minor Treasure Reward
Sanctum ArchivesCandlelit ChapelContains Varakath, the Waxen
Sanctum VaultsBattleground
Sanctum VaultsDecrepit Cellar
Sanctum VaultsDerelict Caverns
Sanctum VaultsGauntlet
Sanctum VaultsReliquary
Sanctum VaultsExperimentation Chamber
Sanctum VaultsMerchantContains Merchant
Sanctum VaultsAccursed PactContains Accursed Pact
Sanctum VaultsFountainContains Fountain
Sanctum VaultsAfflicted FountainContains Afflicted Fountain
Sanctum VaultsBenevolent FountainContains Benevolent Fountain
Sanctum VaultsRadiant FountainContains Radiant Fountain
Sanctum VaultsOfferOffers Items on Completion
Sanctum VaultsMajor TreasureContains Major Treasure Reward
Sanctum VaultsMinor TreasureContains Minor Treasure Reward
Sanctum VaultsCandlelit ChapelContains Braom and Uzar, the Experiments
Sanctum CathedralHalls of Worship
Sanctum CathedralUnholy Lair
Sanctum CathedralInfernum
Sanctum CathedralCrucible
Sanctum CathedralSanctum Bellum
Sanctum CathedralHall of Mirrors
Sanctum CathedralMerchantContains Merchant
Sanctum CathedralAccursed PactContains Accursed Pact
Sanctum CathedralOfferOffers Items on Completion
Sanctum CathedralFountainContains Fountain
Sanctum CathedralAfflicted FountainContains Afflicted Fountain
Sanctum CathedralBenevolent FountainContains Benevolent Fountain
Sanctum CathedralRadiant FountainContains Radiant Fountain
Sanctum CathedralMajor TreasureContains Major Treasure Reward
Sanctum CathedralMinor TreasureContains Minor Treasure Reward
Sanctum CathedralCandlelit ChapelContains Xenathar, Templar Reaper
Sanctum NecropolisLost Catacombs
Sanctum NecropolisDesecrated Crypts
Sanctum NecropolisUndercroft
Sanctum NecropolisEntombment
Sanctum NecropolisMausoleum
Sanctum NecropolisSanctum Sanctorum
Sanctum NecropolisFountainContains Fountain
Sanctum NecropolisAfflicted FountainContains Afflicted Fountain
Sanctum NecropolisBenevolent FountainContains Benevolent Fountain
Sanctum NecropolisRadiant FountainContains Radiant Fountain
Sanctum NecropolisMerchantContains Merchant
Sanctum NecropolisAccursed PactContains Accursed Pact
Sanctum NecropolisOfferOffers Items on Completion
Sanctum NecropolisMajor TreasureContains Major Treasure Reward
Sanctum NecropolisMinor TreasureContains Minor Treasure Reward
Sanctum NecropolisCandlelit ChapelContains Lycia, Unholy Heretic


A Sanctum run contains 4 floors, each containing 8 rooms. The 8th room of each floor always contains a Boss. Players can choose to engage in a room every time they encounter the portal to the Sanctum in an area or map, or defer up to 8 rooms (1 floor) to be run consecutively at a later time. Crashing during a Sanctum room will reset progress for that room and will resume the same area on your next map. Aureus and rewards are only locked in upon successful completion of a room. Each Sanctum run is independent between characters on the same account.

  • Aureus is maintained between rooms and floors, and is lost when the Sanctum run ends.
  • Boss Room always in the 8th room of any floor. Boss rooms contain a chest for any accumulated Item Rewards for the floor, as well as two additional Item Reward chests.
  • The default maximum Resolve is 300. Resolve is maintained between rooms, and the player is ejected from the Sanctum if it hits 0, resetting all floors and rooms. Being ejected does not count as a death, nor does it remove experience.
  • Item Reward Room: Recieve #x <item2> at end of the Floor ("at end of the next Floor" if on room 8)

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