PoE Nemesis Mod

Map: Rare Monsters each have a Nemesis Mod

Stat Filters: Rare Monsters each have a Nemesis Mod

Rare monsters have a chance to spawn with a Nemesis mod, in all leagues. Modifiers are shown in Yellow. You can see the example from below, Berserker is yellow.

PoE Nemesis Mod

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List of nemesis mods

Name Lvl. Effect(s)
Ancestral Power 1 Randomly casts Searing Bond Searing Bond totems, with instant cast speed. Totem limit is 4.
Apparition 1 Adds no extra effect. See Soul Conduit below.
Benevolent Guardian 15 Periodically applies the Immunity buff to nearby monsters, which makes them immune to damage. Killing the monster with Benevolent Guardians removes Immunity.
Berserker 1 On low life, switches to Berserker Fury.
Berserker Fury 1 Gains increased character size, attack and cast speed, reduced damage taken, and becomes quicker.
Blessing of Elements 25 Gains bonus damage of a random element based on Physical Damage and hits always chills/ignites/shocks on hit.
Bringer of Bones 15 Passively casts Summon Skeletons Summon Skeletons with instant cast speed. Skeletons will not decay over time like regular ones.
Bringer of Fragility 1 Curses targets with Vulnerability Vulnerability on hit.
Bringer of Weakness 4 Curses targets with Enfeeble Enfeeble on hit.
Chronophage 25 Curses targets with Temporal Chains Temporal Chains on hit.
Corrupting Blood 40 When hit, applies Corrupted Blood to the attacker. Corrupted Blood is a debuff that inflicts physical damage over time and stacks up to 10 times.
Elemental Thorns 40 When hit by elemental damage, it launches a bolt at the attacker’s position that deals fixed amount of elemental damage in an AoE. Has a cooldown between each shot.
Final Gasp 40 When the monster dies, it leaves behind an invincible copy that disappears after a few seconds. The copy also fires a nova of dark projectiles periodically. Monster does not leave a corpse and cannot be converted.
Fractured 1 Splits into 8–12 normal version of the same monster upon death.
Hexfont 15 Casts random curses every half second (estimated), with instant cast speed. One of the curse applies silence.
Inferno Bolt 25 Periodically charges up and launches a large fireball that deals fire damage.
Inner Treasure 40 Always drops a unique item on death.
Light Bolt 25 Periodically fires a row of projectiles that deals physical damage.
Lightning Mirage 40 When hit, creates a mirage at their spot which slowly chase after the player (has a cooldown between each spawn). On contact, it detonates itself to deal lightning damage. Mirages will expire after a few seconds. Plays a distinct sound when a mirage spawns.
Nullifier 25 Removes charges and flask effects on hit.
Proximity Shield 40 Can only be damaged by hits originating from inside the shield.
Physical Thorns 40 When hit by physical damage, it launches a bolt at the attacker’s position that deals the reflected physical damage in an AoE. Has a cooldown between each shot.
Shroud Walker 40 Periodically teleports to you via Smoke Mine Smoke Mine. Constantly creates a smoke cloud around itself.
Snow Bolt 25 Periodically fires a bolt at the ground which explodes for cold damage after a delay.
Soul Conduit 1 Resurrects itself and all corpses around it upon death, forcing you to fight it again with the same mods, except for Soul Conduit, which is replaced by Apparition. Monster does not leave a corpse and cannot be converted.
Soul Eater 15 Consumes souls of other nearby monsters upon their death to become stronger. Each souls grants increased attack and cast speed, damage reduction, increased character size, and increases the power of their other affixes.
Storm Herald 60 Casts Lightning Storm over the target continuously with a short delay (similar to the spell used by Piety of Theopolis). Multiple Lightning Storms can overlap creating a high risk area.
Vile Touch 4 Applies poison on hit.
Vine Snare 15 When hit, it applies a charge of vines to the attacker, reducing movement speed. Vines are gradually removed by moving.
Volatile Flame/Ice/Stormblood 2 On death, spawns a volatile core that chases the player. When touched, it stops briefly then explodes dealing damage of the respective elemental type in an area. The base damage of the explosion is equal to the total attack damage of the monster. A distinct sound can be heard when a volatile core spawns.

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