Curse Immunity - Path of Exile

Icon Name Effects
Curse Immunity Curse Immunity Immune to Curses

1. Curse Immunity Flasks

Item Requires Stats
Flasks with of Warding suffix Level 18 Immune to Curses during Flask effect
Removes Curses on use
Kiara’s Determination Kiara’s Determination Silver Flask Level 22 Immune to Freeze, Chill, Curses and Stuns during Flask Effect

2. Curse Immunity Skills

Name Category Requires Stats
Holy Flame Totem Holy Flame Totem Active skill gem Level 4 Consecrated Ground grants Immunity to Curses to you and Allies.
Gluttony of Elements Item skill(Blood of Corruption Blood of Corruption) Level 20 You and nearby allies are Immune to Curses.
Divinity buff Item skill(Garb of the Ephemeral Garb of the Ephemeral) Level 56 You are larger, deal more Elemental Damage, take less Elemental Damage and are immune to Curses.
Elemental Warding Item skill(Geofri’s Devotion Geofri’s Devotion) Level 61 Fires projectiles in all directions, converting all their physical damage to a random element, and grants a buff which makes you unaffected by curses for a duration. Removes curses on you when used.

3. Curse Immunity Items

Item Requires Stats
Synthesised shields with the Immune to Curses if Corrupted implicit mod Level 60 Immune to Curses if Corrupted

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