PoE Currency Tab – Stash Tab Worth It

Why PoE Currency Stash Tab Worth It?

1. Hold all your currency. In default, you only have 4 tabs. Buy a PoE currency stash tab for your account and you can store 5000 of many currency types. All the currency items are stored by their category. You can find them easily.

2. It can sell your currency easily. Only the public tab can be indexed by tools such as PoE Trade. PoE currency tab can be listed as public, allowing an item to integrate with community trade tools. Therefore, you can sell currency items easily and fast.

3. Poe currency stash tab price. Normally, the price is 75 points. Now, the PoE currency stash tab is for sale and the price is 60 points. $10 is worth 100 points in the Path of Exile.

4. The free space. It is very useful for flipping currency items. For example, you can put 5K Perandus coins in only one stash slot.

Path of Exile is not a pay-to-win game. For your playing convenience and supporting Path of Exile, you can buy PoE Currency Tab.

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PoE Currency Stash Tab Free Spaces

  • 1.Free means you can hold any currency in this slot.
  • 2. It is fine for Free Spaces to hold league-specific currency.
  • 3. If you happened to have 10K+ of a certain currency, the free space is truly useful.

PoE Currency Stash Tab

PoE Currency Stash Tab

The best stash tab for PoE player

Currency, Map and Premium tabs are a must if you have any plans of playing PoE regularly. Currency and Map for invaluable QoL improvement with so much additional storage capacity. A premium tab lets you trade/sell items with ease. Turn your alc/alt shards to a full currency with a few clicks and proper price listing. W8 for the sale before you buy them. Comes often, IIRC every 2 weeks. They’re worth every mtx point.

Also, any stash tab purchase adds to every league eg. if you buy 1 premium stash tab/etc, you’ll get 1 tab in standard and 1 in incursion (and every challenge league going forward)

  • wait for deals, they come often, and usually the first or second week of a big league. That is unless you have the money and just want them now.
  • depending on how much you play the game/hoard, the currency tab and 1–2 premium is what I would suggest as a baseline. Without the currency tab, holding currency just takes up too much space. The premium tabs allow you to trade easier, and you could even get away with just one tab meant for trading
  • if money isn’t an issue, I would buy all the specialized tabs (currency, map, div card, Essence, fragment — in that order) and then have ~5 premium tabs, and however many quad tabs you think you want.
  • I made the mistake of buying ~60 premium tabs over the years because it wasn’t till recently we had all the specialty tabs, and I hoarded a lot. Don’t make that mistake lol
  • I agree that having the map tab is a must if you plan on playing 80+

Currency Stash Tab is your best investment

For me, I only have a currency tab and the premium tab. Those help me a lot. After slain monsters, I farmed a lot of currency and the currency tab stores the currency in order. I can calculator the total currency easily.

If you want more stash tab, I’d like to recommend the div cards tab and map tab. Divination cards can be exchanged for valuable currency or items.

If you just want a stash tab, the currency tab is the best choice.

A Stash Tab Suggestion to Path of Exile

Path of Exile should have an actual spot for each currency item that exists. Although the tab has “free spaces” which can hold any currency, I would like to have every currency has its own space. And also suggest a spot for blessings in the fragment tab.

PoE Currency Tab Version History

  • PoE 3.8.0: Added slots for Harbinger’s Orbs, Ancient Orbs, Orbs of Binding and Engineer’s Orbs to the Currency Stash Tab. These slots are invisible until you add one of those currencies.
  • PoE 3.7.2: Added Orb of Horizons Orb of Horizons and Horizon Shards slots.
  • 3.0.1b: Updated the Currency Stash Tab to include new slots for new currencies. Slots have been added for Orbs of Annulment, Annulment Shards, Chaos Shards, Regal Shards, Exalted Shards and Mirror Shards.
  • 3.0.0: Added 9 non-specific currency slots on the Currency Stash Tab (bringing the total from 5 to 14).
  • 2.4.0: Currency Stash Tabs now have dedicated slots for Silver Coins and Cartographer’s Sextants.
  • 2.2.1f: We’ve added additional features to Currency Stash Tabs. A generic item slot has been added for your current crafting project. There are now five additional slots that can hold 5000 of any type of currency item (including Perandus Coins). The layout of the currency slots has also been changed based on community feedback. These improvements affect both new and existing Currency Stash Tabs.
  • 2.2.1d: Added to the game.

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