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/global 820 is a channel for sharing common or uncommon quests that you might encounter in your travels. The following is the most popular global channel.

Type Number Command Purpose
Global 820 /global 820 Masters/Trials/Challenges Group Recruitment
Trade 820 /trade 820 Paid services (rare challenges, expensive maps, etc.)
Global 100 /global 100 Discord Global
Global 101 /global 101 Guild Recruitment
Global 150 /global 150 Mapping
Trade 800 /trade 800 Currency-Only Trading
Trade 5055 /trade 5055 Reddit Trade (Valuable/odd items & brodeals)
Global 5055 /global 5055 Reddit Global

Acronyms for Chat Channels

Users in chat channel may use various acronyms to succinctly explain what they’re offering. To keep spam to a minimum it is best to avoid repeating what you’re looking for frequently.

Acronym Meaning
A1 Act 1, mostly referring to Lioneye's Watch. Different number combinations are used for various acts (example: A4 refers to Act 4, usually Highgate)
Any combination of R, G, B The gem colors (Red, Green, Blue) on an item (usually linked). Numbers may preface colours in combination to determine total colours on an item - e.g. 4 linked item with 3 Red sockets and 1 Blue = 3R1B
xL/yQ gem Q : quality gem (x quality), L : level gem (y level) EG: 21/23 gem = level 21, 23 quality gem.
4L, 5L, 6L X Linked sockets
4S, 5S, 6S X sockets
AA Arctic Armour or Aegis Aurora
ACD Added Cold Damage Support or Added Chaos Damage Support
AFD Added Fire Damage Support
Alch Orb of Alchemy
ALD Added Lightning Damage Support
Alt Orb of Alteration
Ammy Amulet
AoE Area of Effect
AoF Avatar of Fire
APD, Flat phys Added Physical Damage
APS Attacks Per Second
AR Armour
AW Ancestral Warchief or Animate Weapon
BB Blade Blast
BF Bladefall or Blade Flurry
BiS Best in Slot or Best in Socket
BM Blood Magic Support or Blood Magic
BoR The Bringer of Rain
B/O Buyout (seller's asking price)
BR Blood Rage
Brick Using a Vaal Orb on an item and receiving a bad outcome, losing its value. Usually referring to unique items that become rare items after being corrupted.
BV Blade Vortex
C Chaos Orb
CA Caustic Arrow
CB Closed Beta or Corrupted Blood
CI Chaos Inoculation
C/O Current Offer
CoC Cast On Critical Strike Support
CoD Cast on Death Support or Cloak of Defiance
CoE Crown of Eyes
CoH Hextouch Support (was known as Curse on Hit Support)
Coil Lightning Coil
CoMK Cast on Melee Kill Support
Conc Concentrated Effect Support
CotB, cotb Call of the Brotherhood
CS Cold Snap or Culling Strike Support
CwC Cast while Channelling Support
CwDT, CoDT Cast when Damage Taken Support
DD Detonate Dead
Det, Determ Determination
Disc, Disci/Disi Discipline
Dom Dominus or Domination
DoT Damage over time
DPS, Deeps Damage Per Second
DW Dual Wielding
EA Explosive Arrow
EB Eldritch Battery
EC Enduring Cry
Echo Spell Echo Support
ED Elemental Damage or Essence Drain
eDPS Elemental Damage Per Second
EE Elemental Equilibrium
eHP Effective Health / Hit Points / Pool, total number of damage that can be taken before death, after damage mitigations. (e.g. Combination of Life pool, Armour, Elemental Resistances etc).
EK Ethereal Knives
Ele Elemental
EO Elemental Overload
EQ Earthquake
ES Energy Shield
Et Eternal Orb
Eva, EV Evasion
EW Elemental Weakness
Ex Exalted Orb
FA Faster Attacks Support
FFA Free For All (Item Allocation)
FB Facebreaker or Flameblast or Frost Blades
FC Faster Casting Support
FP Faster Projectiles Support or Freezing Pulse
Fus, Fuse Orb of Fusing
FT Holy Flame Totem
GCP Gemcutter's Prism
GG Godly Gear or Good Game items
GGG Grinding Gear Games
GH Glacial Hammer
GMP Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
GR Ghost Reaver
GS Ground Slam
HC Hardcore League
HH Headhunter
HO Hideout
HoA Herald of Ash
HoAg Herald of Agony
HoI Herald of Ice
HoT Herald of Thunder
HoWA Hand of Wisdom and Action
HS Heavy Strike
IAoE Increased Area of Effect Support
IAS Increased attack speed
IB Infernal Blow
IC Immortal Call
IncDur Increased Duration Support
IGN In-game Name
IIQ Increased Item quantity
IIR Increased Item rarity
ilvl Item level
IPD Increased physical damage or Increased projectile damage
IR Iron Reflexes
Jew Jeweller's Orb
ISD Increased spell damage
LA Lightning Arrow
LL Life Leech Support or Low Life or Loot and Leave
LLD Low Level Dueling (level 28 or lower). Also used to refer to low level PvP events in general.
LMP Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support
LS Leap Slam or Lightning Strike
MI Minion Instability
MF Magic Finding (equivalent of increased item rarity in Diablo 2)
ML Mana Leech Support
Mods Modifiers
MoM Mind Over Matter
MS Movement Speed or Multistrike Support or Melee Splash Support or Molten Strike
MTX Microtransaction
NA Necromantic Aegis
OB Open Beta
OOS Out of sync
OoS Orb of Storms
OP Original Poster (person who made the thread) or Overpowered (imbalanced)
PA Pain Attunement or Caustic Arrow (formerly named Poison Arrow) or Permanent Allocation
PB Point Blank
PC Price Check
PCoC Power Charge On Critical Support
pDPS Physical Damage Per Second
Pen Resistance penetration
Phys Physical Damage
PoE Path of Exile or Purity of Elements
PoF Purity of Fire
PoI Purity of Ice
PoL Purity of Lightning
PotG, PotCG Pillar of the Caged God
PP The Poet's Pen
PPAD Vicious Projectiles Support
Prolif Elemental Proliferation Support or Proliferation
PST Please Send Tell (whisper) or Pacific Standard Time
PW Sniper's Mark (was called "Projectile Weakness" before rework)
QotF Queen of the Forest
QSF Quicksilver Flask
RIP Rest in Peace, mostly used as a synonym for "death", sometimes used as a verb. (e.g. "I RIPed to the boss."), often used as an adjective to denote dangerous things likely to kill the player. (e.g. "Delirium content can be really RIPpy")
RMC, RM Reduced Mana Cost or Inspiration Support
RNG Random Number Generator or Random Number Generation, i.e. randomness or chance
RoA Rain of Arrows
Rota Rotation, referring to players forming parties and taking turns, usually with eachothers maps. (e.g. Poorjoy's Asylum rota, Chayula's Breachstone rota)
RF Righteous Fire
RT Resolute Technique
SA Split Arrow
SC Standard League or Softcore
Shav Shavronne's Wrappings
Slam Use an Exalted Orb on an item.
SotV Sacrifice of the Vaal
Spork Spark with Fork Support
SRS Summon Raging Spirit
SSF Solo Self-Found
SST Spectral Shield Throw
ST Spectral Throw or The Searing Touch or Soul Taker or Single Target
TC , TempChains Temporal Chains
TP Town Portal, i.e. Portal Scroll
TS Tornado Shot or Tempest Shield
US Unwavering Stance
VMS Vaal Molten Shell
VP Vaal Pact
VS Viper Strike or Vaal Spark
WB Whirling Blades
WED, EDwA Elemental Damage with Attacks Support, formerly called Weapon Elemental Damage Support
WM Warlord's Mark
WoC Wave of Conviction
WoE Wings of Entropy
WP Waypoint
WTB Want To Buy
WTS Want To Sell
WTT Want To Trade
zDPS Zero DPS, describing builds or skills that do relatively little damage
ZO Zealot's Oath

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