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Path of Exile 2 Immobilised

  • New status condition: "Immobilised". Effect of immobilised scales off of the damage of the hit that inflicted it. The Impale skill can be used to inflict this condition. While an enemy is immobilised, they perform no actions and a circle effect appears over their head, giving the appearance of an enemy that isĀ stunnedĀ in PoE 1.

Stun, Freeze and Immobilisation

  • Stun, Freeze and Immobilise can be applied right away if you deal enough damage.
  • If you don't apply it right away, it'll build up on the enemy, making it easier to apply with the next hit.
  • Once you do apply it, there is a higher threshold for all these effects for a duration, so it's easier to lock an enemy down at the start of a fight, buy they become more resistant the more you and your allies attempt to control them.
  • The same goes for the player -- if stunned, you're more resistant to further stuns for a time.
  • The player only stores this for a brief period, so swarm of enemies could stun you if they hit you close together. Big hits are always better at stunning.

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