FFXIV A Cold Reunion

A Cold Reunion

In-game description: Estinien is understandably bewildered.

  • Quest giver: Estinien
  • Location: Radz-at-Han (X:4, Y:10)
  • Quest line: Post-Endwalker Main Scenario Quests
  • Level: 90
  • Gil:  2,772
  • Previous quest: Once More unto the Void
  • Next quest: Kindled Spirit
  • Patch: 6.3
  • Links: GT

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  • Speak with Estinien at Tertium.
  • Speak with Jullus.
  • Speak with Alisaie.
  • Speak with Alisaie again.
  • Speak with the spirited engineer.
  • Speak with Alphinaud.


  • Estinien is understandably bewildered.


Varshahn: Sister...was it really you?
Y'shtola: We have no reason to doubt Vrtra. Let us depart for Garlemald as soon as possible.
Zero: So that was a dragon's roar. Quite a trick, imbuing one's voice with aether.
Estinien: By all accounts, Azdaja is Golbez's prisoner, yet if she was in the Source... Estinien: It could be that she managed to escape from the void, if only for a fleeting moment. Estinien: But that is mere conjecture. If we want the truth, then we must go and find it. Estinien: Come, let's make for Tertium. Our friends are waiting.
Varshahn: I thought to depart from Radz-at-Han sooner, but Y'shtola insisted I bring warmer clothes. Varshahn: This vessel does not feel cold as such, but she reminded me that, so long as I am Varshahn, it would be prudent not to appear overly conspicuous.
Y'shtola: I trust you know the “associates” who will be joining us. Hopefully they have been keeping well.
Zero: People live in such places, do they? Not that I would presume to know their preferences, but it seems...uncomfortable.
Varshahn: I had tempered my hopes, but thanks to Alphinaud and Alisaie, we might yet learn something of Azdaja.
Y'shtola: Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary here at the camp. Let us see what we find at this village.
Estinien: I knew the twins wouldn't disappoint.
Zero: A village of voidsent users... Lest you think I have feelings on this─I don't. What others do is not my concern.
Alphinaud: I expect it's been a while since you spoke with Jullus. He will be glad to see you.
Alisaie: The people here struggle to survive as it is. The last thing they need is for Garlemald to be overrun with voidsent.
Jullus: Oh, [Forename]. What a welcome surprise. Jullus: And I see you're traveling with a large crew as usual... Jullus: Not to suggest that's an inconvenience for us. We'd be happy to share our supplies with you and your allies, should you require any.
Alphinaud: Apologies if we interrupt, Jullus, but there is a matter we wish to discuss.
Jullus: We've just finished our routine briefing, so you come at a good time. Is this about the voidsent?
Alphinaud: It is. From what we can discern, they're coming from the mountains to the east. Alphinaud: Practitioners of the reaper arts once lived in that area, did they not?
Jullus: Yes, they had a village there in the Lapis Manalis caverns. Jullus: The scythe-wielders forged pacts with voidsent, and took to battle with the beings at their side. For a time they played an invaluable role in our military, but the advent of magitek saw them fall out of favor. Jullus: And when some were unmasked as insurrectionists, the order was outlawed. The village is believed to be long abandoned. Jullus: Speaking of their art...it seems you've picked it up. Who was it that taught you? Jullus: ...Well, I suppose it's neither here nor there now.
Varshahn: My sister has been taken captive by voidsent. I sensed her presence in this land, and have come in search of her. Varshahn: If voidsent have been sighted here, then I believe there is a connection. We should like to investigate these caverns you mention, but Alphinaud tells us they are not easily reached.
Jullus: I'm afraid so. Deep snow and tumultuous winds rule out walking and flying. Jullus: If you want to get anywhere, you're going to need a magitek snowcraft. Alas, the last remaining functional one we had has broken down. Should still be over in Cerulea Ingens, where it was abandoned.
Alisaie: Is there anyone who can fix it?
Jullus: Perhaps the former engineers at Tapper's Den. Jullus: Their duty included transporting ceruleum tanks to Juturna Platform G using snowcraft. I expect they had to maintain a few over the years.
Alisaie: That's worth looking into, I'd say. Alisaie: In the course of delivering provisions, I've come to know the people there quite well. If they can help us, I'm sure they will.
Alphinaud: May I ask you to accompany her? Given the presence of voidsent, it's best that we avoid traveling alone.
Varshahn: In the meantime, will you not tell me more about the mountain? I would like to learn as much as I can before commencing our search in earnest.
Jullus: Come with me. I'll introduce you to someone who's well versed in the local geography.
Zero: Alisaie, was it? I wish to speak with you.
Alisaie: In that case, why don't you come with us to Tapper's Den? We can chat on the way.
Alphinaud: I shall go and brief the contingent on the voidsent issue, that they too may be prepared.
Zero: If you want to eavesdrop, be my guest. It doesn't matter to me. Zero: ...
Alisaie: We should get back to it, but before we do... Alisaie: Are you all right, Zero? Did I say something that confused or upset you?
Zero: ...No. I'm simply trying to understand your perspective. If you wish to continue, I am ready and able.
Alisaie: Well, that's a relief! This isn't the sort of place you want to mull over things. Alisaie: It's not much farther to Tapper's Den. I doubt we'll have much trouble finding an engineer when we arrive, so let's speak with the first one we spot. Alisaie: This is one of the engineers, I think.
Zero: Because it's the right thing to do...
Spirited Engineer: Wait, I know you. You're the one who roughed up the guards! Spirited Engineer: After you left, your contingent friends came along. Our lives are a lot easier now thanks to them. Spirited Engineer: They understood our plight, and offered to help─whether we wanted to stay here or return home. For that, we're truly grateful. Spirited Engineer: We're grateful to you too, Alisaie. The trip across the lake is hardly pleasant, but you make it all the same to bring us provisions.
Alisaie: Oh, don't mention it. We're just glad we can help. Alisaie: That said, we were actually hoping to ask a favor of you today... Alisaie: We need a magitek snowcraft repaired─the one abandoned in Cerulea Ingens. We were told you might be up to the task.
Spirited Engineer: Ah, so you want to ride the mammoth! Spirited Engineer: That's what we took to calling the crafts on account of their size. Spirited Engineer: As often as I used them on rigs, I know a thing or two about their maintenance. I'll see if I can get your mammoth roaring again─it's the least I can do to repay your kindness.
Alisaie: Wonderful! Please come with us back to Camp Broken Glass, and we'll take it from there. Alisaie: So far so good, [Forename]! Let's be on our way. Alisaie: Thank goodness we were able to find someone to help with repairs.
Zero: You mortals are more sensitive to the cold than I realized. My body is made differently, so I feel nothing.
Spirited Engineer: Don't you worry─the mammoth is in good hands!
Alphinaud: Welcome back. Alphinaud: I presume this is the engineer who will help us with the craft?
Spirited Engineer: I'll do everything I can to get her up and running again! Spirited Engineer: But I doubt I'll be able to do so quickly─at least on my own. The mammoth is big, and so are its parts. Some strong backs should make the work go faster.
Estinien: You have ours.
Alphinaud: You've finished learning about the mountain, I take it?
Varshahn: Aye, we have a solid grasp of that area, as well as the site of the snowcraft.
Y'shtola: My back is perhaps not as strong as some, but I should be glad to stand guard for voidsent and other unruly wildlife.
Spirited Engineer: Much obliged, miss. Then let's all head over to the mammoth and assess what needs fixing.
Alphinaud: They have matters here well in hand. Which means we can resume our duties. Alphinaud: Would you care to assist us, [Forename]?
Alisaie: How about you, Zero?
Zero: I will assist you as well. As payment for answering my question.
Alisaie: It's hardly something that demands payment...but we'd be glad for your contribution nonetheless.

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