Madden 22 Release Date and Madden 22 Reviews

Release Date

Madden 22 Release Date: August 28, 2020.

Before the NFL regular season, Madden champions always drop in August. The last two were released earlier this month, and madden 20 was released on August 2.

Before that, there should be a closed beta testing period, and it is almost certain that the timing and registration process will be announced at E3 2020 in June.

A full demonstration may not be possible, but it is certain that EA access can be used in advance.


We had Madden 20’s first peek in late April, so fans should circle that date in their calendar.

Although there was a lack of video until the summer, this is the first time EA has shown the place to put college football into the game.

Will they be generous with Madden 22’s first trailer? We can only hope so.

The first game trailer is expected to be released around E3 in June.

Cover player

His Madden shelter usually led to an attack by Madden curve, which has gradually disappeared in recent years.

Historical giants such as Tom Brady, Bret Favre and ray Lewis added to EA’s game. Patrick mahome, the quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs, took the position of Madden 20, and then broke the curse by winning the Super Bowl liv.

EA has voted, but Cleveland’s return to Peyton Hillis is unlikely to happen again. So who can be a cover player for Madden 22?

Lamar Jackson is the best player of the season and has been named MVP. There is no doubt that he is the leader on the spot, but players like Julio Jones and Ezekiel Elliott will definitely carry the task.

For another defender, cover will be good. It hasn’t happened since Richard Sherman boarded Madden 15, so maybe Aaron Donald or Stephon Gilmore could be the star of Madden 22.

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X factor

The new feature of Madden 20 is the addition of superstar and X-factor features.

At first, people were worried that too much power would destroy the game. That’s only partially true.

Under the franchise model, its influence is very small, because there are only a few capable players, and once players retire, it is difficult to develop young players to the level of X factor.

However, in the ultimate team, you can apply the X factor function and immediately activate the players of three attackers and three defenders, and it begins to take over.

Will EA maintain the function of X factor? Or will this function replace the cone of the past? We don’t know yet, but no matter what the answer is, there are bound to be some disagreements.

Franchise model

To be sure, franchise model has been forgotten recently. From deal possibilities to contract negotiations, participant development, and even an overall introduction, it has been calling for a comprehensive refresh.

Face of franchise is a short prequel to franchise model, but it doesn’t add much to the game. It is reported that EA may eventually revive NCAA football, and it may be a year before entering NFL to include a story.

Franchising is sure to be the core model for players again, even if online franchising survives in Madden 22. However, improvements at this point may be more promising than anything else.

Ultimate team

That’s Madden’s focus, and where innovation is going.

The Madden ultimate team has been a huge success in the 10 years of the game, and this year’s product is the best so far.

The number of apps, challenges, game modes and seasonal events allows players to participate and come back for more.

EA is unlikely to make any adjustments to clean up the probability or carefully design micro transactions, but they are gradually making leisure players more likely to form their own dream team, which is the whole content of the model.

The ability to build your own stadium by collecting, mixing uniforms or creating unique chemicals between teammates will help provide a more immersive experience.

Next generation game machine

Both the ps5 and Xbox series X have impressive specifications, which will help narrow the gap with PC master race, and the next generation of game consoles will improve fidelity, gameplay and graphics performance.

Madden 22 will be on the shelves before the release of new consoles, which means they will not be optimized to take full advantage of their powerful features.

Fans may have to wait until Madden 22 to really get a full next-generation experience, but Microsoft and Sony’s biggest commitment is that loading time on new consoles is in the past.

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Cross platform games

It turns out that Madden players can only confront players who use the same hardware. This has always been the standard for games, but with games like fortnite and rocket League (not to mention the latest call of duty) allowing multiplayer games across platforms, the barriers began to break.

One problem Madden faces is that each platform has its own mut auction house with different card values, which may lead to imbalance between rosters.

The common market for Solitaire will bring amazing growth to Madden 22, while the extended player base of cross platform games can provide improvements for competitive and leisure players.


As you might expect, there is no Madden 22 rating. The most valuable items are MUT Coins as well.

EA works together to make their ratings really stand out. Only four players (Aaron Donald, Khalil Mac, Bobby Wagner and Andre Hopkins) have won 99 ovrs, which is likely to continue in Madden 22.

Patrick mahomes and Lamar Jackson may consider using 99 ovr. The saints will get Michael Thomas. When Donald got the highest score again.

Coach mode?

The World of management and coaching Sims is powerful. The football manager is obviously the most famous person, but there are many others.

EA Sports has a long history of coaching games. Since 2006, they have released NFL coach on PC, Xbox and PS2. It has never been a huge success, but along the way, it has really attracted fans and received good reviews.

I’m glad to see that you never control the franchise model version of the player, but supervise the practice, script installation, in-game calls, subscriptions, etc.

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