Impending Doom Support

PoE 3.12 adds a new Curse-related skill and a new Curse support gem. The new Doom mechanic causes a self-cast Curse to increase in intensity over time until it expires. This works well in conjunction with the Impending Doom support, which causes an explosion of chaos damage when a linked curse ends. Curses have also received a new look.

Impending Doom Support Impending Doom Support supports hex curse skills, causing them to trigger Doom Blast when the hex ends. Cannot support curse skills which are triggered or applied as an aura.
Trigger Doom Blast when a Hex from Supported Curse Skills ends.

It requires Level 70, 111 Int. Tag: Support, Hex, Spell, AoE, Chaos

Doom Blast

Deals chaos damage in an area based on the amount of Doom on the triggering Hex.

  • Deals 216 to 325 Chaos Damage
  • 10% increased Area of Effect
  • 50% more Damage per 5 Doom on Hex
  • Trigger This Skill when a Hex from Supported Skills ends

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Superior Impending Doom Support

Impending Doom Support and Doom Blast

Impending Doom is a support gem that can support hexes:

Impending Doom support gem triggers Doom Blast when the Supported Hex on an enemy expires, causing an explosion of Chaos damage based on the level of Doom that has accumulated while the Hex was active.

Impending Doom Support Build

Alternate Quality

Default 10% increased Area of Effect
Alternate Quality 1 Curse Skills have 40% reduced Skill Effect Duration
Alternate Quality 2 +1 Cooldown Use
25% less Damage per 5 Doom on Hex

Impending Doom Support Build Example

Curse skills were often used via automatic triggers or application. With Path of Exile: Heist‘s rework to curses, the idea is to encourage players to self-cast them more often as they’ll grow in intensity over time after being cast. There will also be new and reworked gems that interact differently with curses.

One example is Impending Doom, a support gem that makes cursed enemies explode once the curse’s effect ends. This will only work on self-cast curses whether it’s from the end of the duration of the spell or because the player removes the curse prematurely (or applies a different curse).

Path of Exile: Heist – Impending Doom support gem

Does Impending Doom work with Curses cast by Bane?

It currently doesn't but that's not 100% locked in.


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