How to buy FIFA 21 coins without getting banned

Obtain FIFA 21 coins without getting banned

If you want safe and legal FIFA coins, you’d better get them by performing tasks in the game. Of course, it takes time and effort to obtain coins in this way, but there is no doubt that these coins are absolutely safe. Or, you can buy FIFA coins from some safe stores.

There are many websites on the Internet that claim to be trustworthy, where you can buy FIFA coins. If you are not an old FIFA player, you need to find the best websites by checking their ratings and always trust those popular websites.

Many good friends and I like to buy FIFA coins at Mulefactory stores. The price of Mulefactory is very low, but the FIFA coins it offers are very safe. The trading system it has is also very safe, you don’t have to worry about your account being banned.

Cheap FIFA 21 Coins

Farming FIFA 21 Coins by yourself

In the entire FUT cycle, there are many times, the volume of cards joining the Transfer Market will increase rapidly. As long as the supply remains the same, this will cause card prices to fall. When supply slows, the price of any card that is still in demand will rise again. This is a simple economic question, if you understand the rhythm of the FUT cycle, you can use it to make serious coins.

Ryan said: “I hope we have proven that you really don’t have to play games 24/7 to make competitive coins.” But there are definitely times when it is worthwhile to focus on the transfer market. Weekend League Rewards Day is a good day. Once EA starts to give up large-scale promotions with lightning rounds like Black Friday and FUT Freeze, there is so much supply that you can save a lot of coins by bidding. ”

Most of the time, when you want to have a player in FUT, you will find the cheapest one and then use “Buy Now” to buy it. But you can also choose to bid on items. In most cases, this will not save you a lot of coins, but in times of high supply, the combination of bidding mechanisms and lazy sellers is very valuable.

Here’s the thing: EA cast a Lightning Round and sold tens of thousands of Ultimate Packages in a few minutes. Players open these packages and list the items as quickly as possible, but they do not specify a bid. Then, the market is flooded with ideal cards—from SBC fodder to meta-players—with a minimum bid of only 700 coins. An hour later, when these player auctions began to expire, the number of cards that expired at the same time meant that low bids slipped away from the Internet. This is not unheard of for players who should spend 20,000 to be snapped up for peanuts. Just make sure that one hour after the initial supply of packaging, you bid on many of the same cards at low prices.

First of all, we recommend paying attention to the market at the following times:

Squad Battles rewards

At midnight on Monday, UK time, the team’s battle rewards began to take effect. Especially in the first few weeks of the FUT cycle, group battles generate a lot of supplies. The price of the card will drop in the next hour and open to cunning bidding around 00:00 UTC.

Black Friday Lightning Rounds

The first promo to have Lightning Rounds. This is usually mid-to-late November. Lightning rounds are held at 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 UTC on Friday and Saturday. The supply has increased substantially at this point.

Future Lightning Rounds

Since then, whenever EA launches new promotions, from FUT Freeze and Team of the Year to FUT Birthday and Team of the Season, you can see lightning publicity on Friday and Saturday. get ready.

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